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New physics engine, AI, and some more stuff
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New Physics Engine

As part of the ongoing enhancement of the Entropia Universe, MindArk are proud to announce the implementation of the 'PhysX' physics engine by AGEIA. The AGEIA PhysX engine delivers the computing horsepower necessary to enable true, advanced physics in the Entropia Universe.

This first implementation stage will allow MindArk to greatly enhance the Entropia Universe with exciting new features during the coming seasons.

Please note that the implementation of the PhysX engine does not require that particpants purchase the AGEIA PhysX Card. This update does however lay the foundation for extra physics features in the future which will benefit from the PhysX Card.

New Oxford

Excavations have continued under the Hjorten building in New Oxford. Archeologists and mining teams have found ancient artifacts that may suggest prehistoric inhabitants in this area. A range of new shops and boutiques have been installed in what is now known as Thorkell's Tomb. Excavations in these underground regions will continue and are sure to involve more surprises.

Creature AI

Creature AI has been boosted to now include animal herding behaviors and enhanced interactions between creatures and their surroundings.


Avatars clothing and armor have been adjusted to reduce small glitches and missing textures.

Plastic Surgery

A number of new face types have been added to the plastic surgeon profession.


The ingredients needed for the mining amp blueprints OA-101 and MA-101, bought from the technician, have been adjusted to make the recipe slightly easier and the resulting items of a better condition.


A range of new background images have been added for participant created advertisements.

New Items

Many new items have been added to the Entropia Universe.

New Actions

Two new actions: Rotate Left and Rotate Right, have been added to the Action Library.

Trade Terminal

Items bought from the Trade Terminals are no longer automatically stacked.


Bags and Shopkeepers can now be repaired without having to empty their contents.


The Team Interface can now be moved.


The teleporter list no longer opens automatically when you walk onto the teleporter. Simply click the operate action when on the teleporter to activate the list now.


The door between the control room and the space ship hangar now opens automatically.

Old HUD Icons

Old HUD Icons have been removed from the Cybernetics and Small Items categories of the Inventory.


Stables that were to close to Fort Argus and Fort Zeus have been moved to reduce animals fear at being stabled.

Other Enhancements

  • The PvP zone has been removed from around New Oxford.
  • Distracting messages, received by pressing movement keys while using certain terminals * or viewing items info, have been corrected.
  • The difficult stairs up to NeverDies VIP bar on the asteroid have been fixed.
  • The Options Icon has been changed.
  • An auctioneer has been placed in the Shinook Jungle outpost.
  • The cannon towers have been upgraded with a new design.
  • The jukebox in Fort Fury is working properly again.

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