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New Oxford Added, GSI -> ESI, several bugfixes and (small) additions
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New Oxford City of Culture

The Entropia Universe has now been updated with a unique city dedicated to culture and the arts. Located on the Amethera continent, New Oxford (coord. -17164, -13458) has been designed in conjunction with renowned Swedish artist Ernst Billgren.

The distinctive appearance of New Oxford is further complemented by exciting partnerships with Real World artists and clothes manufacturers. The Vexed Generation clothing brand from London have opened a store on the bottom floor of the new 'Hjorten' building where you can buy real and virtual contemporary urban clothing. Over 20 new garments are now available to participants both inside and outside the Entropia Universe.

21st Century Fine Art from New York are exhibiting over 80 works from artists such as Mark Kostabi, Marc De Muro and Kika Karadi in the fantastic new art galleries of New Oxford. Again, all pieces of art can be bought virtually for your apartment on Calypso, and some may be ordered and delivered for your home in the Real World.

As a center for the arts, New Oxford also allows participants to attend lectures from the above mentioned artists, where they reveal some of the secrets behind their success in the art world. New apartment complexes have also been included in New Oxford with many new and interesting design details incorporated. A brand new Trade Center is also included in New Oxford.

MindArk are proud to be the vanguard of interaction between the real and virtual worlds through the first virtual universe – the Entropia Universe.

UI Makeover

With the introduction of Real World item purchasing, the Item Info UI has received a makeover and now offers more options and control over the item you are viewing.

Busy Servers

As the number of Entropia Universe participants is increasing daily, participants now have the option of logging into a different server if the one they wish to log into has reached its population limit.

New Music

A range of new ambient music has been composed and implemented into the Entropia Universe.


Chat session UIs have been updated with a 'snap' feature allowing for easier organization of open interfaces.

Starting in the Entropia Universe

New avatars entering the Entropia Universe now have the option of choosing where they would like to begin: Port Atlantis or New Oxford.


A new teleporter has been added to Camp Caravan, east of Fort Zeus.


A brand new range of exclusive and limited edition furniture has been added to the Entropia Universe.


The Generic Skill Implant has changed name to the Empty Skill Implant.

Limited Items

Limited Items cannot be repaired.

New Colors

The number of colors available in the Entropia Universe has been doubled.


Several bugs have been squashed with this release including the running bug that affected avatars involved in Private chat. A difference in action performance between the Action Book and the Quick Bar has also been repaired. A bug affecting updates to the beauty specialist has also been corrected.

More Items

As well as all the new clothing items that have been added by Vexed Generation, a number of other clothes, such as the tank top, have been added to the Entropia Universe by MindArk. Other items have also been added in the areas of weapons and blueprints.

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