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Mining is launched by using a Detectonator tool. When the Detectonator tool is used, a bomb is automatically placed and detonated in one smooth motion. An interface is shown to see the result of the prospecting attempt. If a resource deposit is found, move within 5 meters of the site, wait for about one second and you will claim the deposit automatically. You will receive the Resource Claim deed in a loot window.

In order to extract the resources you need the correct Excavation tool, have the deed in your inventory, and aim the tool towards the Resource Claim rod.

The Claim Deed is transferable to other avatars and the owner of the deed is the one who may extract the deposit. Claim deeds cannot be put the auction, due to the time constraints. The Claim deed always shows the current resource deposit size, to avoid confusion when trading it.

The number of available bombs or survey probes is shown in the HUD area of the screen.

Even the smallest deposit will always yield at least one unit of the resource.

Drill towers

The mining drill towers are available once again. They are automatically constructed when a resource of sufficient size has been found.


Manufacturing is initiated by clicking on the corresponding manufacturing machine. Select the blueprint in the correct blueprint book by clicking on it. Add the input materials specified by the blueprint. When ready, press the Manufacture button.

On the bottom-left side is the Success rate indicator. You have the highest rate of success when the bar is full and green. When red, the success rate on the selected item is low, with a scale in between. Higher blueprint Quality Rating and avatar skills will increase the success rate. The success rate indicator replaces the old "CoS" which displayed a text word feedback.

The Condition/Quality slider specifies whether the manufacturer would like to make fewer items but with a higher initial Condition (which can be important when making "Limited" items, please see the "Items with limited uses" entry) or a larger number of items with a lower individual Condition.

If you have residue of the correct kind you may add it to the input materials section in the interface. Residue will then be used in any following successful attempt in order to boost item Condition. Failure when making an item will not waste residue. The boosted item Condition does not count towards the value when determining a Hall of Fame entry.


The refiner now accepts any number of input materials. When refining, deterioration is calculated on each output item. The deterioration levels of all refiners are lowered to reflect this and are balanced towards the previous maximum output stack size per attempt, for example 50 ingots using pre-VU 7.6 refining.


New blueprints have been added to Project Entropia. Some of these are "Limited", please see the "Items with limited uses" entry.

Blueprint Books

The blueprint books can now be stored in Storage. The three equipment books are consolidated into one single equipment book for administrative purposes. The various book levels ("Apprentice", "Beginner", etc.) are removed; instead various "Volumes" are introduced. Blueprint books for limited blueprints are added.

Blueprint books have a searchable index page for quick access and evaluation. Book appearance will change to reflect the completeness of the book. Blueprints stored in a Blueprint book do not count towards the 200 visual items limit in the Inventory.

NOTE that any old pre-VU 7.6 Blueprint book will be automatically sold to the Trade Terminal. Your PED Card balance will be updated accordingly. This also means all your blueprints will be scattered in your inventory. If you have more than 200 blueprints and other items, you will not be able to see all of your carried items. You need to get a new blueprint book and place as many blueprints as possible therein and relog. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Added the initial choice of choosing navigation when starting Project Entropia, between First Person and Third Person. The navigational control has been streamlined and more options have been added. You can customize your controls using the options interface, available through the "O" key.

If you had personalized your control setting prior to the VU 7.6 release you can press "Cancel" to keep these settings.

A method of movement is also suggested by pressing down both mouse buttons at once.

Tutorial system

A Tutorial system is launched in order to help newcomers find their way around in Project Entropia. The messages will explain how to navigate, how certain items work, etc, and give general pointers on what to do in Project Entropia. The tutorial messages are stored in your Tutorial messages view, available from the Action book.

The "See again" option when receiving a Tutorial message means that you will receive the same Tutorial message again in your next session in Project Entropia.

Message center The Message center is introduced. It contains all messages you receive during your Project Entropia session. A new action for accessing the Message center is available in your Action book. Note that the messages are cleared each time you log off Project Entropia.

In later releases, the Friend messaging will be integrated into the Message center as well.

Messages notification

In the HUD, there is a new section which shows when you have a message waiting.

Items with limited uses

A number of new items are tagged with the (L) tag, which means they are "Limited". Limited items can only be used a certain number of times, after which the item is destroyed or removed. Limited items cannot be repaired. Limited items can be found as hunting loot and can be manufactured.

A select number of blueprints have this tag as well, meaning you will have a limited number of attempts of making the output item.

Limited items usually have better stats than normal, unlimited items.

Learning bonus

All new items and all mining equipment have a learning bonus. This means that you need a certain minimum skill level in order to use the item to the full effect. When this minimum skill level is reached, you will receive an experience bonus that will be active until you are considered to master the item. After mastering the item your experience gain will return to normal.

Old items, excluding mining equipment, are not changed.

Skill influence damage

Weapons now shows the actual damage intervals the weapon has, based on avatar skills and mastery. Different weapons may show different intervals.

Unsafe zones changes

The nature of the unsafe zones has changed on Amethera as colonists tame the wilds. The cities, Treasure Island, and the area around the Revival terminals and Teleporters are now safe zones, where PvP killing is disabled.

When you are located in any unsafe zone, the small figure icon in the HUD will be glowing.

Loot windows

The loot window functionality has changed. They are now merely a "receipt" of the items found or made. The items are instead automatically placed in your inventory when found or made. Stackable items are automatically stacked. The "Take all" button is therefore rephrased to "Close".

Statistics on items

Various items now display detailed stats when examined in the Items Info.

New advanced items in manufacturing

Three new kind of advanced item versions have been added to the manufacturing line; the adapted, the customized, and the reworked versions.

New items to manufacturing

Several new items have been added to the manufacturing system.

Display panels added

Display panels can be used to hang items, for instance your favorite weapon, on walls.

DNA added

A horde of new DNA samples has been added, and some special DNA fragments...

Wedding items

Items designed for performing wedding added.

Time left

In systems where a time limit is present, this limit is changed to show the time left until expiry. This time limit shows real time, meaning that it does not take real world incidents like Project Entropia being offline into consideration.

Condition limit change

The minimum Condition level to be able to use an item is changed from 10% to 3%, meaning an item can be used more times between repairs now than before.

Drop rule changes

Items with too low value cannot be dropped any more, in order to reduce littering.

Life state icon change

The small figure icon next to the Health bar in the HUD no longer shows whether you are alive or dead. The figure now only shows if you are in a safe or unsafe zone.

Estates to Treasure Island

Ten new estates added to Treasure Island.


Imperial scout teams have reported that they have discovered new sites of interest. Where these sites are located is still classified awaiting further investigation.

Creature sweat levels

There are reports that the creatures of Calypso are getting sweatier...

Land Area info

When you enter or leave a land area you will receive information about this, including current tax settings.

"Empty FAPping"

The frequency of "Empty FAPping" when switching items is greatly reduced.

Fixed bugged items

Fixed a bugged melee weapon – the RepEdge Battle Axe 1x0 no longer does the strange electrical damage.

The female Supremacy armor now has the correct description (same as the male version). The old text will be saved for future use. ,-)

Bug fix to Beauty items

Bugs fixed in regards to item descriptions and to the usage of the scissors.

Updated hair looks

New and more detailed hair styles added. Also, old hair styles has been updated with more detail.

General items added

A number of other items added to expand the range of items in Project Entropia.

Updates to Options

Several new options added, including navigational shortcuts.


  • All tailored clothes shown as “Uncolored” in the auction, even if they are colored.
  • You can’t repair an item with attachments attached to it. You have to detach them prior to repairing.
  • You cannot trade mining Claim deeds at the moment. This will be fixed shortly.

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