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New Graphics Engine implemented

After almost three years the old NetImmerse graphics engine is retired and the new GameBryo engine is in place. This new graphics engine will enable us to add a lot of really cool graphic effects to Project Entropia, like weather, shadows, dynamic lighting, etc. In the course of the next few months several such graphic upgrades will come.

Client software feedback system

If the client software happens to Crash-to-desktop (“CTD”), the client now have a feedback system in place. This system asks whether the participant is willing to help MindArk by sending in his or her current PC configuration. This information will help us track down any potential driver/hardware issues causing client stability problems.

New Avatar Trading interface

A brand new avatar to avatar trading interface added. The new interface is more secure and have a lot more feedback panels. Items can no longer be removed from the offer area without clearing the entire offer. A personal chat also appears when trade is initiated.

Note: You cannot trade items that have attachments added; you have to remove attachments prior to trading, to minimize confusion.

New Map interface

The addition of new locations spawned the new map interface. A map of the Eudoria continent and the Crystal Palace Space Station is supplied, as well as a sneak peak of the newly discovered continent “Amethera” (also known as “The land grab continent”). The new map interface has various filters, a quicker navigation system, and three distinct zoom levels.

New weapons

New weapons added.

New armor sets

Armor sets added.


An issue with the Longus hit probability fixed.

Robots and lying about

Robots finally realized their prey could lie down, so the aim is adjusted accordingly.

Scrollbar added to Manufacture interface

Scrollbar added to the input material list, to allow for designs with six inputs.

Container content usable in manufacturing

You may now drag input materials directly from a container to the manufacturing interface.

Scanning issues fixed

When scanning mutant, the correct skill is increased (‘Scan Mutant’, instead of ‘Scan Animal’, even if some scientists claim the old classification should stand ,-)

Scanning oneself no more

When scanning another avatar, you no longer see your attribute levels. Now you see the target levels instead, as intended.

Skill lists

Fixed an issue when a single new skill was added and that skill was the only one on a new page, it was impossible to change to the new page.

PED Card transfer interface

Corrected the interface so it doesn’t become locked when you tried to withdraw more money from your PED card than you had on it.

Avatar interaction interface update

Fixed a potential issue with the avatar interaction menu (the one you get when you right-click on an avatar) that could cause the interface to lock up and making the avatar becoming forever “busy” until logoff.

Refiner interface

An issue corrected in the refiner interface when you added multiple stacks to it and they were auto-moved back to the inventory.

Info about blueprint books in the auction

Now it doesn’t crash when you check the info of a blueprint book that is in the auction.

Long avatar names

Limited the maximum length of the full avatar names (first+nick+last name) to 40 characters. Also updated the Friends list, estate guest list, and space ship guest list.

PED Card transactions from containers

The inventory no longer locks up if you drag and drop money from a container directly onto your PED Card in the inventory.


Mourner now is called Mourner again.

Pixie armor

The Pixie armor is now shown correctly in the auction.

Adjusted Guardian armor

Fixed non-decaying adjusted Guardian armor bug. Increased durability on the armor.

Armor attachments

Fixed an issue with armor attachments not showing in the PvP Trade.

Repair interface and mindforce implants

Fixed issue with "Repair All" and mindforce implants in the Repair interface.


  • All tailored clothes shown as “Uncolored” in the auction, even if they are colored.
  • Currently, the virtual companies on the Exchange do not offer any shares.
  • You can’t repair a weapon with attachments attached to it. You have to detach them prior to repairing.

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