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Official release notes[edit]

Several minor updates has been applied to PE VU 5.7 the last few days. Some of the issues corrected are:

  • NEW: The Firestorm chips can be put in the auction.
  • NEW: Update to the Shopkeepers, enhancing performance and removed annoying glitches.
  • NEW: The Pixie armor now have correct name and description.
  • NEW: Visual update to the hangars, including the previously hard-to-walk-in stairs.
  • NEW: The Standard Compressor blueprint updated.
  • NEW: Massive amount of technical fixes, including CTD elimination, performance, upgrades and added verification in the PE Transaction Center and when you create an account.
  • General stability upgrades
  • Fixed an issue with targeting - including creatures. This will make it easier looting dead MOBs.
  • Avatars and MOB's should no longer be invisible.
  • Removed Storage boxes and Orange paint from the Trade Terminal. Boxes will be made craftable in a few weeks, and paints will be found as loot to a greater degree than before.
  • Enhanced the probability of acquiring items instead of PED's while looting.
  • You may no longer place general items in a space ship. Items already placed in such way will be located in each individual owner's storage facility.
  • Fixed the decoys to no longer scare off the creatures.
  • And many of other minor issues...

Further information[edit]

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