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Official release notes[edit]

Several minor updates has been applied to PE VU 5.6 the last few days. Some of the issues corrected are:

  • New - General stability upgrades
  • New - Double the item limit allowed in estates.
  • New - Shopkeeper issues updated
  • Laser sight alignment updated
  • The Allophyl and Snablesnot is now much easier to loot
  • The Allophyl has received its skin once again
  • Ghosts may no longer pick up stuff
  • Some graphics issues in the Society and Mentor interface fixed
  • Fixed the use of ALT+TAB and other keyboard key usage
  • Corrected a pesky server crash issue
  • Updated the login server to accept participants with more eagerness
  • Miscellaneous items got polished (like getting the correct description, etc.)
  • And many of other minor issues...

A clairifaction about the disciples – a disciple is deemed finished once at least one of the skill levels is attained. The Cache system (in the Options interface) handles how graphics, models and textures are cached (stored for easy and fast access to the client). This affects the speed while manipulating the inventory, as well as when meeting creatures and other avatars. Once the graphics has streamed from the hard drive it is kept in RAM, allowing for smoother operations. The slider is set dynamically by Project Entropia at start up, depending on your system memory. Up to 1 Gb RAM is used for cache. If you want to allocate more, please move the slider more to the right, in the red area. Beware, that setting the slider too high will result in less performance, as a lack of RAM means the computer slows down as the hard drive is used as virtual RAM.

Further information[edit]

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