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Mentor & Disciple system
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General Information

The Version Update 5.6 (“VU 5.6”) for Project Entropia is a major step in the development of Project Entropia. Information about the content of the version update is located in this document.

Project Entropia Gold Member Smartcard Security System

The Project Entropia Gold Member security system goes live with VU 5.6. Those who have acquired the Smartcard and Reader (through the Trade Terminal Real Life Items section) should receive the equipment during April, to the address supplied with the Project Entropia account. If you need to update the info, please do it as soon as possible through the Project Entropia Support Section.


Mentor & Disciple system

We are aware of the great effort our participants put into helping newcomers to Calypso and making them feel welcome. To show our appreciation for this we have decided implemented a Mentor & Disciple system.

Being a mentor is about helping newcomers get a foothold in the new universe. When you offer your help to a newcomer, and they accept, they become your disciple and you become their mentor. As a mentor you advice your disciples and support them in their advancement. When a disciple reaches certain skill levels, the disciple is deemed to be sufficiently trained to manage on her or his own. At this point the mentor receives special surprise gifts as a reward for helping out.

Some details about the Mentor system:

  • A mentor “Adds disciples” by right-clicking on the potential disciple.
  • To be able to act as a mentor you need to at least have reached the level "Unskilled" in any one professional standing (seen in the left section of the Avatar Info interface).
  • To be eligible as a disciple you must be "Newcomer" in all of your professional standings (including Sweat Gatherer). This means as soon as a Newcomer achieves the rank of “Inept” (the rank above “Newcomer”) in any professional standing, they may not be selected as a disciple.
  • When the disciple reaches certain skill levels, the Mentor reward kicks in. The Mentor has a progress rating on each disciple in his training. The actual skill levels are shown in the Disciples interface. The skill goal is quite high as the rewards are special items only acquired through this means.
  • A mentor can have a maximum of 100 disciples at once. The mentor can at any time contact a disciple.
  • A disciple may only have one mentor. A disciple may be a mentor for others.
  • Once a link is formed between a mentor and a disciple, the disciple cannot leave it (a short "grace period" is given). A mentor may kick a disciple at any time (but why would s/he? If the avatar has stopped participating is one reason).
  • When a disciple finishes his or her training the mentor gains skill in the new "Mentor" skill. The Mentor skill shows how many successful disciples s/he has guided.

First person view of items and actions

You now see the items your avatar is carrying in first person view. Weapons and tools are shown, as well as mindforce powers. The “Z” key toggles between FPV w/ items – FPV w/o items – 3rd PV behind – 3rd PV free.

Visual item update

Almost all weapons in Project Entropia have received a visual overhaul, and are now displayed with a much higher detail. This is a first in a series of grand visual upgrades being done to Project Entropia over the coming months.

Monster visuals update

Almost every creature in Project Entropia has been given a visual overhaul, meaning more detailed graphics with higher clarity.

New drop functions

When dropping an item from the inventory to the ground you may now determine the placement of the item in detail. This is especially useful for indoor decorations and furniture. You can rotate items by holding down the right mouse button and move the mouse right and left, and drop some specific items on walls or in the ceiling.

New creatures

A lot of new creatures have been spotted by explorers. Someone stated a warning about being unwary in rocky terrain…

Updated robots

Several changes has been applied to the robot population of Calypso, meaning changed behaviour, damage done, and hit points. Also, the robots seems to have found new ways to spread their terror.

Logoff delay update

An “Abort” button added to the Logoff delay interface, due to community demand.

More weapons

Over 50 new weapons added.

More armor

New armor sets added.

House decorations

Someone saw indistinguishable creatures stealing rare paintings, tables, and lamps from a cargo shuttle…

Society templates

Two new society templates added based on community input – the “Mystic” and the “Basic”.

Society ranks shown

You may now view the various ranks associated with a society template.

Society Leaderboard update

Pending societies are no longer eligible for Leaderboard positions.

Increased chance of success in crafting

The chance of success is increased on lower levels of crafting.


Several new Octagon Boxing / Training areas added all over Eudoria.

Hadesheim Marketplace update

Added a storage terminal to the Hadesheim marketplace.

Skills renamed

The skill “Ranged Critical Hit” and “Melee Critical Hit” are renamed to the more appropriate “Inflict Ranged Damage” and “Inflict Melee Damage”, as that is what the skills actually influence. No rule mechanics have changed though – the name change is a cosmetic one to avoid confusion as the term “Critical hit” can suggest a range of effects.

Avatar animation updates

Many avatar animations have been polished, among others the infamous grip on some of the BLP rifles (no more holding the rifle in you’re stomach).

Item rebalance

The infamous Improved A-3 Justifier Mk.III is rebalanced, after community feedback. The new stats are acquired by repairing the weapon.

Server upgrades

A server crash issue has been eliminated. The entire Project Entropia universe server park is upgraded with new hardware to meet the ever-increasing number of Project Entropia participants. The new system will reduce “lag” and latency issues, as well as some disconnect issues.

Client upgrades

Several fixes have been applied to the client, to reduce the rate of disconnects and Crash-to-desktop (“CTD”) issues.

Item/houses streaming optimization

The way buildings and items are streamed to your Project Entropia client has been optimized to reduce the “lag” felt when entering/exiting buildings.

Fixed issue with floors in hangars

Fixed an issue that meant you could fall through the floors in a hangar.

Fixed issue when sitting down

Fixed an issue with sitting down and becoming difficult to hit.

Fixed issue with long range gathering of items

Fixed an issue that meant you could pick up items from far away.

Fixed issue with avatar position after server crash

Fixed an issue with the avatar position not being saved when a server crashed.


  • All tailored clothes shown as “Uncolored” in the auction, even if they are colored.
  • Currently, the virtual companies on the Exchange do not offer any shares.
  • You can’t repair a weapon with attachments attached to it. You have to detach them prior to repairing.

VU 5.6 Miniupdates

05 Apr 2004

Several minor updates has been applied to PE VU 5.6 the last few days. Some of the issues corrected are:

  • New - General stability upgrades
  • New - Double the item limit allowed in estates.
  • New - Shopkeeper issues updated
  • Laser sight alignment updated
  • The Allophyl and Snablesnot is now much easier to loot
  • The Allophyl has received its skin once again
  • Ghosts may no longer pick up stuff
  • Some graphics issues in the Society and Mentor interface fixed
  • Fixed the use of ALT+TAB and other keyboard key usage
  • Corrected a pesky server crash issue
  • Updated the login server to accept participants with more eagerness
  • Miscellaneous items got polished (like getting the correct description, etc.)
  • And many of other minor issues...

A clairifaction about the disciples – a disciple is deemed finished once at least one of the skill levels is attained.

The Cache system (in the Options interface) handles how graphics, models and textures are cached (stored for easy and fast access to the client). This affects the speed while manipulating the inventory, as well as when meeting creatures and other avatars. Once the graphics has streamed from the hard drive it is kept in RAM, allowing for smoother operations. The slider is set dynamically by Project Entropia at start up, depending on your system memory. Up to 1 Gb RAM is used for cache. If you want to allocate more, please move the slider more to the right, in the red area. Beware, that setting the slider too high will result in less performance, as a lack of RAM means the computer slows down as the hard drive is used as virtual RAM.

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