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16 Feb 2011



Have you done something incredibly cool and want to brag about it? The Achievement System allows you to: each time you achieve something, you get an achievement. If people are nearby when it happens, they can see the icon and title when it happens.

In this release, over a hundred achievements have been introduced. You can look at your achievements through the action library and through the context menu under My Avatars-Achievements, and you can also look at other avatar’s collection of achievements through the context menu under Avatar-View Achievements.

FOMA Stadium

A stadium has been built at FOMA Fortuna, where avatars can play with their vehicles and hunt.

New Iron Challenges

CFA representatives Emanuel Gonsalez and Morgan Drell host four new Iron Challenges at Shinook Jungle. Morgan Drell hosts Allophyl/Estophyl and Atrax Iron Challenges, while Emanuel Gonsalez hosts Longu and Neconu Iron Challenges.

Rent reimbursement

The opportunity to file a support case to claim reimbursement of rent paid in advance after December 8th, 2011, has now run out. Any further claims will be invalid.We expect that the reimbursements for valid claims will be completed by Friday February 18th 2011.


General World issues:

  • Mobs should no longer spawn in walls in Port Atlantis
  • Tweaked night and day settings on the FOMA asteroid
  • Fixed some vegetation issues
  • Snow and Christmas trees removed
  • Optimized vegetation around Memorial Island and Sissipahaw Water Plant
  • Added waterfalls to Memorial Island
  • Removed intersecting vegetation in the Beta building in Omegaton West Habitat
  • Cleared vegetation from the roads around Twin Peaks
  • Fixed some rocks bending in the wind
  • Landed Fertilizer Terminals and Land Area Marker
  • Fixed a lot of terrain issues
  • Added turret to Omegaton West Habitat

Medusa’s Head issues

  • Adjusted land area borders on Medusa’s Head
  • Updated some waterfalls on Medusa
  • Apartment and shops
  • Fixed an issue with item points in apartments and shops
  • Fixed an issue with all Medusa Estates

Mission issues

  • Scouting missions for old Iron Challenges have been updated to use waypoints
  • Fixed typos in quests

Miscellaneous issues

  • Optimized the tomtebloss
  • Removed all vehicle commission terminals
  • Fixed an issue with fog indoors in Port Atlantis main building


  • 11.7.0 Platform release notes

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