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14 Dec 2010


Medusa Issues:

  • Fixed collision on Bazaar and Outpost catwalks
  • Added ramps to the bazaar
  • Dizi moved a bit to allow for the ramps to be installed
  • Added floor and number signs to bazaar shops
  • Apartment doors added
  • Added televators to the landing platforms at Medusa’s Head
  • Added turrets to the docks at Medusa’s Head
  • Added revival to Medusa’s Head
  • Event Organizer got replaced with Event Terminal
  • Medusa Trade Terminals now have rookie items
  • Fixed some graphics issues at Fort Medusa
  • Fixed issue with the Medusa teleporter
  • Adjusted fish spawns
  • Added seaweed on the beaches
  • Updated terrain on some of the snake islands
  • Updated ocean floor
  • Updated minimaps

Miscellaneous Issues

  • Set up and decorated the Christmas trees in Port Atlantis and Twin Peaks
  • Brought down snow from the frozen north to Port Atlantis and Twin Peaks
  • Fixed issue with the Atlantis Archipelago teleporter
  • Removed some of the islands in the Atlantis Archipelago
  • Fixed issue with the name of a crashed pod in Hadesheim Crater
  • Fixed terrain issues near Limnadian district
  • HOF location name “Club NEVERDIE” changed to “F.O.M.A. - Fortuna”


  • 11.5.3 Platform release notes

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