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09 Nov 2010


Recent attacks by Steelbirds, the new flying robot model, proved only to be the beginning. We can now reveal that the robots in utmost secrecy have refitted and retooled the wreckage of the War Titan Typhon that crashed into Hadesheim six years ago into a base for their operations.

Satellite surveillance was blanked momentarily by electro-magnetic pulses from Hadesheim, and as they came back online, infrared photography revealed new structures under the cloud cover of the crater. Some of them were active, launching objects in suborbital mid-range trajectories on Eudoria.

Colonel Briers in Port Atlantis has confirmed that CDF and CFA will cooperate to take the fight to the Steelbirds. He also hinted that CDF is developing a strategy to investigate the crater and the mysterious drops over Eudoria, but as they are unfinished, CDF does not want to reveal them at the moment.


Hadesheim crater redesigned: We’ve redesigned the Hadesheim crater for the event. You will experience an entirely new crater, including Camp Phoenix and the outpost north of the crater. Most of the story related missions are centered around the crater.

New missions: We have 17 new missions for this release, among them a seasonal Iron Challenge, a permanent Iron Challenge, a mining challenge and some missions related to the story of the Harbinger event.

All missions will not be available at once. At first there will only be the Iron Challenges. A set of story related missions will open on November 11th, and a few more that concludes the event will open on November 23rd. Some missions (but not all) will close on November 30th as the event closes. If a mission is limited to certain dates, it will be stated clearly in the mission’s description.

Colonel Briers in the needle tower in Port Atlantis is the contact for the Steelbird Iron Challenge and the story missions. Todd Hamlish in Camp Phoenix will hand out the mining challenge, and Fritz Feldgast at Cape Corinth will hand out the Eviscerator Iron Challenge.

Shared loot: We have a new feature that allows us to share loot from event mobs. The feature, if activated, splits loot among everyone that inflicted damage on the mob similarly to the rule “Damage: Stack share”. Team loot rules are ignored for these mobs.

We have activated shared loot on Steel Bird Elite spawns for this event.


  • Fixed a few terrain issues.
  • Fixed floor numbering of the televator in Port Atlantis Mall
  • Natural creature spawn issues fixed.


Platform release notes: 11.4.2

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