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07 Oct 2010 11:51 UTC

FIXED ISSUES NPC issues Jennifer Quinn visited a beautician

Mission issues Fixed issue with “Check the electronic fence” that forced participants to log out and back in again Fixed the trophy problem when choosing Rifle in the mission “Opening of the gates” Removed waypoints from Wallace Hornby’s mining missions in Port Atlantis Wallace Hornby’s mission “Mine Lysterium Stone” has been changed to “Mine Belkar Stone” Corrected information about the New Arrivals equipment in missions “Equipment Help” and “Learn about the trade terminal” Typos fixed Medical guide no longer refers to the “medical building” It is now a bit easier to reach the terminals in the tutorial missions

Miscellaneous issues

Fixed graphics issues with vegetation Added collision for flying vehicles to the Port Atlantis buildings Ad spaces in PA Mall landed Fixed collision on piers and stairs Hit box on televators increased Improved sound Improved performance on Crystal Palace

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