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A new Port Atlantis has been built at the shores of Eudoria, as the continuation of the Gateway and the newcomer experience. The new Port Atlantis and the area around it are designed to make the transition from the Gateway to the full Planet Calypso experience easier for the new participants. After having learned the basics at the Gateway, the new participant teleports to Port Atlantis and is taught the mechanics and concepts of the Planet Calypso in an area where he can meet and get help from more experienced participants. This way, the threshold to the frontier world of Planet Calypso has been lowered, opening this brave new world to be explored by new colonists!


The three corporations, Omegaton Industries, Genesis Star Interstellar and Chikara OmniWorld Corporation, have completed the major redevelopment project, rebuilding Port Atlantis on top of the walls of the original town. With towering skyscrapers, white beaches and an open marina, the beautiful sprawling city is a resort and a port of entry to the exciting Planet Calypso, the planet of opportunity and adventure! A great part of the project was geo-engineering of the island where Port Atlantis resides. It was in this phase of the project where the walls to the first Port Atlantis were found, and it was decided that a new Port Atlantis should be built at the location. Some of the old walls are still visible at the north end of the new town. Without features like Bank NEVERDIE and the Port Atlantis Mall, Port Atlantis wouldn’t really be Port Atlantis, so these were relocated to the new site. There are also new and exciting vistas to explore and hang out, and maybe even a familiar face.

NEW FEATURES Expanded Introduction A series of new quests introduces the mechanics and functions of Planet Calypso to new players.

New Swamp Camp The Swamp Camp is again a proper swamp, and now it is a lot closer to Port Atlantis. The Swamp Camp missions have been moved from the old swamp to the new swamp.

New Iron Challenge At the old Swamp Camp (the one that really wasn’t a swamp), there’s a new Iron Challenge available for the brave.

New Arrival items in Trade Terminal There are new categories in the trade terminal for items for new participants. These inexpensive New Arrivals Equipment items are the items from Calypso Gateway training missions or similar items, and are aimed at the new participant to ease the transition from the Gateway to the full Planet Calypso experience.

New Missions In addition to the introduction missions, Iron Challenge and adapted Swamp Camp missions, there are more than a dozen new missions to explore. In total, this release holds more than 30 new missions.

New vehicle There’s one new vehicle to get into, the brand new Omegaton Pitbull, a six-wheeled all-terrain beast that can carry anyone anywhere. It’s well-armored with built-in ABC protection, with great load capacity and off-road capabilities. This chunk of hardware is a hunter’s or a miner’s best friend.


  • Name signs added to Port Atlantis, Twin Peaks and Emerald Lake malls.
  • The fog west of Port Athena is less luminous at night.


  • In the mission “Opening of the gates”, the award trophy is not handed out correctly if you choose Rifle.
  • The other choices work fine. Do not choose Rifle, or wait handing this mission in until it’s patched.
  • The missions “Equipment help” and “Learn about the Trade Terminal” refer to a separate trade terminal for New Arrival items in the Port Atlantis area. These items are available in all Trade Terminals under the New Arrivals categories.
  • The map location for the Swamp Camp is still at the old swamp camp position.

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