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29 January 2013
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Bug fixes
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Official release notes[edit]

Entropia Universe 14.0.1 Release Notes 29 Jan 2013

Avatar System

  • For a period of one week, participants will have the opportunity to use the avatar creation interface an unlimited number of times in order to achieve their desired avatar appearance. A relog is required to re-enter the avatar creation interface.
  • Make-up masks created in the avatar creation interface during this time will not be distributed after this period.
  • Various improvements to the avatar creation interface have been implemented: Shading, lighting and detail level have been improved, and avatars will no longer appear greenish or reddish.
  • Numbers have been added to the height selector in the avatar creation interface, to assist in setting the desired avatar height.
  • Make-up masks are active once again.

Fixes / Improvements

  • Graphics performance has been improved, especially for high population areas.
  • The value of starter garments has been lowered to 1 PEC, and the equipping fee for starter garments lowered to 0.0002 PEC.
  • An issue causing client crashes in the avatar creation interface have been corrected.
  • An issue causing client crashes when scanning multiple avatars has been corrected.
  • An issue causing movement to become locked after using the body sculpting interface has been corrected.
  • The content download interface once again displays after exiting the avatar creation interface.
  • Visibility of items in shops in the Genesis Amethera HQ display areas has been corrected.
  • An issue causing flying creatures to continually rise out of range has been corrected.

Known Issues

  • The background area in the avatar creation interface can sometimes turn very bright with certain graphics settings.
  • Avatars may display low quality textures in some situations.
  • The inventory icons for several items such as tier components may appear black.

Further information[edit]

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