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Official release notes[edit]

Entropia Universe 12.5.6 Release Notes 17 Apr 2012


   When dying in space you are now respawned at the closest space station.
   Fixed issue with dying in space and not reviving after countdown.
   Fixed issues with revival and teleporting.
   You now receive a fee notification when teleporting down to planets from space stations.
   Waypoints in space are now visible in world and not only in map UI.
   Improved performance when using “Previous & Next target” function.


   Camera view can become jerky when using a tool while walking on inclines.
   The teleport submit button can result in unexpected landings if pressed near the edges.
   Torso view when in first person view in vehicles can display incorrectly in certain situations.
   Fort Event - Some terminals in the fort do not give event points.
   Fort Event - Owner of the fort event cannot see the score in the scoreboard in certain situations.
   Fort Event - Repair and Trade terminals in the fort event area do not function.
   Feffoid Cave - The cave can turn very dark in certain situations.
   Sell Non Tradable tems in TT without getting ped does not work
   Map UI - Rocktropia map is dark
   Map UI - Arctic map is dark
   Map UI - Next Island map is dark
   Map UI - Ancient Greece map is dark
   Mentoring - Mentor is unable to add avatar as disciple when the avatars are not on the same server

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