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Official Release Notes[edit]

Entropia Universe 12.0.0 Release Notes

21 Jun 2011

Finally, the day has come for us to release space into Entropia Universe!

Mainly, these notes contain information about new space features, but also about current systems that have been changed and are affected by space.


In introducing the Space system, we are taking a big step forward towards the goal of having a complete universe. You can now travel through and in space with the spaceships that we reintroduce. The space connects all planets in one universe and traveling between them in spaceships replaces the interplanetary teleporters. This system introduces new dynamics to the intergalactic trade which will give meaning and strength to the local planet market.

However, take care and travel safely; the whole space, except in the parking zones outside the space stations, is a lootable PvP area where you can battle your opponents.

The main space concepts are presented in these notes, but you should also check out the Beginner's Guide for some basic instructions, http://www.entropiauniverse.com/entropia-universe/beginners-guide/space-guide:

  • Space Traveling and Navigation
  • Entering and Leaving Motherships and Other Ships
  • Utilizing New Motherships
  • Mothership Enhancements or Modifications
  • Defending and Destroying Motherships

Space Traveling[edit]

Each planet has a space station located just outside their stratosphere. You can dock a spaceship there or teleport yourself to a planet. Note that teleporting from a space station to a planet is a one-way transfer. You can also leave space by flying with a small spaceship towards a planet, currently only with either the Quad-Wing Interceptor or Sleipnir with a space thruster attached to it. The thruster is a small propulsive device used to facilitate speed travel. It is necessary when breaking through the stratosphere in both directions.

Note: When a thruster's health point is 10% from 0 you need to repair it (UL) to be able to use it or replace it (L). In space you can find repair stations on space stations and in motherships.

The only way to reach space from a planet is by flying there with a small spaceship (currently either the Quad-Wing Interceptor or Sleipnir with thruster attached to it). However, you can teleport from FOMA Fortuna's and Crystal Palace's hangars to Planet Calypso for a fee.

When you fly back and forth between planets and space you will travel through a teleportation sphere. The stratosphere is 1000 meters up from the planets's surfaces and you enter the teleportation sphere at 1100 meters. Each planet has predefined landing areas for spaceships, where you will be teleported to when leaving space for a planet.

Compared to ships flying in the planets' atmosphere the ships flying in space can collide with each other.

Tip! You do not need the thruster to fly in space, so you can hitchike with someone else from a planet to a space station. Then spawn a VTOL from your Inventory and cruise around yourself.

Space Leaving Base.jpg

Custom Waypoints[edit]

Added support for custom waypoints in Map UI. See Beginner's Guide for further information.

Landing Fee on Planets[edit]

Each time you enter a planet's atmosphere the pilot will be charged a fee of 2 PED.

Teleportation Fee from Space to Planets[edit]

Each time you teleport from space to a planet you will be charged a fee of 7 PED.

No Interplanetary Teleportation[edit]

With the introduction of space and spacecrafts, teleportation between planets is disabled and traveling through space is the way to go instead. However, it is possible to teleport from FOMA Fortuna's hangar to Planet Calypso for a fee of 25 PED and from Crystal Palace's hangar to Planet Calypso for a fee of 17,5 PED.

SpaceShip Overview[edit]

Current spaceship types:

  • Aniara Class Mothership
  • Quad-Wing Interceptor (Medium Fighter) - requires attached thruster to travel between planets and space
  • Sleipnir (VTOL)- requires attached thruster to travel between planets and space
Guest Lists[edit]

A passenger can only enter a spaceship when on the guest list.

In general, adding and removing guests from a guest list of a spaceship is similar to the current vehicle guest list behavior.

There are some major differences between managing a guest list on a mothership or a smaller ship. On motherships, the manager can remove a passenger from the guest list, during a flight. The passenger will then enter space and die a slow space death and be revived at the nearest available space station.

Avatars can request to be added to the mothership's guest list and the manager can accept or deny from wherever he or she is at. However, to add a guest without a request, requires that the manger is on board the mothership and opens the Guest List UI. Then the manager can only add avatars already added to his or her Friend List.

On smaller spaceships, passengers removed from the guest list will not be automatically removed from the ship. They have to leave the ship themselves or log out, and will not be able to enter it again. Adding guests to the guest list is done from outside the ship, just as for previous vehicles.


Motherships are extremely large vessels that can take both crew and many passengers as well as small ships. When not in use they remain where they are located.

It is not possible to drop items inside a mothership.

The following terminals and items are standard equipment on motherships:

  • Battle Stations
  • Engineering UI
  • Fuel Containers
  • Guest List Terminal
  • Repair Terminals
  • Revive Terminal
  • SI Management Controls
  • SI Repair Sections for the mothership
  • Teleporter used for teleportation to space stations
  • Televators
  • Trade Terminals
Mothership Enhancements or Modifications[edit]

You can enhance the status of a mothership in the following ways:

  • Restore SI. Restore the ship's health (SI value) at the SI repair sections.
  • Increase max SI Value. In a mothership's SI management terminal you can increase the maximum SI value by adding minerals. Such an increase will also restore the ship's health to this new maximum value.
  • Modify mothership functions. If you are the mothership manager you can modify and upgrade the mothership functions by adding different devices, that can, for example, affect number of available gunner positions. You can do this through the Engineering UI.

Note: Currently, these devices will not deteriorate but will do so when the reactor system has been further developed.

Defending and Destroying a Mothership[edit]

A mothership has several gunner seats where you can help defending the ship you are on, that is, if you are a guest with gunner rights. The ship is divided in several sections with separate SI values. A damaged section can be repaired from the inside, but when one section is destroyed, the complete mothership is destroyed.

Space Mothership Breaking.png

From inside the ship you can see when each section's health changes, either from hits or from reparation. Both the interior and the section's health bar is updated accordingly.

A destroyed mothership will be transferred to the closest available space station as will its crew and passengers. Each participant will be revived at the space station.


The force channel in the Main Chat can be used to only chat with passengers and crew within the mothership you are on.

Other Ships[edit]

Smaller ships, currently Sleipnir and Quad-Wing Interceptor, can travel both in space and at planet level, but for entering and leaving space they need to have a thruster attached to them.

When in space, if you have a spaceship (that is not a mothership) spawned and you leave it unattended for a time or if the ship is destroyed or if you die in space, it will be returned to your Inventory. The Recall all vehicles action also recalls all space vehicles to your Inventory. Note that when you are on a planet, all vehicles (spaceships as well as ground vehicles) are returned to a Storage Facility instead of the Inventory.

Death in Space[edit]

If you die in space you will be revived at the nearest valid revive terminal, which can be on a space station or a mothership. Note that if you are still on the guest list of the mothership you last visited and it is located on the same space server as where you died, this is where you will be revived.

Looting Ships and Avatars[edit]

The whole space, except in the parking zones outside the space stations, is a lootable PvP area where you can battle your opponents. To loot one or several avatars, after you have destroyed the ship, you have to kill them during the time the avatars are floating around in space - before they choke and return to a revive terminal. You can see the avatars from the markers visible above them.

Note that you can now loot the destroyed vehicle's Inventory.

SpaceShip Reputation System[edit]

A spaceship can have a reputation, either as a good or evil ship. The total reputation point is based on both the ship's karma and the captain's and crew's skill; passengers' skills do not count.

Karma points are valid for spaceships only and currently there is only one way to gain karma for a ship: by killing other ships.

Good or Evil Ship[edit]

Your first karma action in a new spaceship with neutral reputation gives the ship its basic reputation as good or evil. Currently this can only be set when destroying another ship:

  • A neutral ship destroying any other ship becomes evil.
  • A neutral ship destroying an evil ship becomes good.

After the initial reputation is set you can continue to increase these points and aim for a grand title for the ship by destroying other ships.

What you should do to continue to gain evil karma for the ship:

  • Destroying good ships.

What you should do to continue to gain good karma:

  • Destroying evil ships.


You can find blueprints for constructing spaceships, space thrusters, welding wire and engineering devices.

Professions and Skills[edit]

New professions:[edit]
  • Captain Profession
  • Gunner Profession
New skills:[edit]
  • Pilot
  • Space craft engineering
  • Deep space knowledge
  • Space craft systems
  • Space craft weaponry

Mothership Auctions[edit]

Today, the first three motherships will be added to the universal auction on a 24-hour auction period. When these auctions expire, one mothership will be added on a 24-hour auction period every 24th hour, or when the previous auction expires, whichever comes last.

Changes in Current Systems and Tools[edit]

Disabled Vehicle Actions in Space[edit]

The following vehicle actions are disabled in a mothership:

  • Next Seat
  • Previous Seat

The following vehicle action is disabled when flying in space with a spaceship that is not a mothership:

  • Exit Vehicle
Map UI[edit]

When opening the Map UI, when you are on a planet you will now only be able to view the map of that planet and space. When in space you will be able to see all planet maps and space.

Changing your download settings and priorities for content is no longer accessible from the Map UI. Please use Tools in the Client Loader instead.

MindForce Restriction in Space[edit]

Mindforce teleportation, including wormhole, cannot be used on motherships or space stations.

No Interplanetary Teleportation[edit]

With the introduction of space and spacecrafts, teleportation between planets is disabled and traveling through space is the way to go instead. However, it is possible to teleport from FOMA Fortuna's hanger to Planet Calypso for a fee of 25 PED and from Crystal Palace's hangar to Planet Calypso for a fee of 17,5 PED.

Planet Bound Auctions[edit]

To further spur the interplanetary travel and economy, the auctions will be bound to each planet. This means that you can still view auctions on all planets, but for you to place a bid on an auction or collect an item, you have to be on the specific planet.

Items that MindArk put up for auction, such as the motherships after this release, will be universal. These auctions can be bid on and the items collected from all planets having an auctioneer.

Tip! As a spaceship manager, remember to keep an eye on supply and demand for various goods on different planets; you will have the opportunity to retain the interplanetary trade balance.

PvP Loot[edit]

In space and in contaminated zones you can now loot the destroyed vehicle's Inventory.

Vehicle Repair Tool[edit]

The vehicle repair tool that you have used to repair vehicle's SI value can also be used on the new spaceships and the mothership interior. However, this tool now requires welding wire to function.

Known Issues[edit]

Note that if you want to travel into space make sure you download space content before going there!

Issues with Workaround[edit]
  • If you are summoned to a mothership in space, and accept, but have not downloaded space content you might experience problems. Try to solve it by logging in again and downloading space.
  • If you add Welding Wire BP (L) to the auction it cannot be found. This will be fixed in an upcoming patch, but until then please perform private trade with this item instead.
  • When succeeding inserting minerals to increase the maximum SI value it does not say how much you actually got.
  • Target of refueling station is incorrectly positioned.
  • If the energy device is detached from the Engineering UI, some panels appears to have fallen down from the bridge ceiling but they won't disappear when the device is inserted again.
  • Mothership repair sections does not show the section name when mouse over.
  • Mothership's karma is reset to 0 when the server its located on is restarted.
  • The SI display inside the mothership's gun turrets is faulty displayed.
  • Turret on mothership shows 0 and 360 degree rotation, while it should be 0 and 359.
  • After claiming utilization rights to a mothership, it has the wrong name.
  • Collision does not work so well between mothership and space station.
  • Mothership interior is very dark in medium settings.
  • Client crash when entering mothership by spaceship and destroying it by shooting at it at the same time.
  • Mothership televators are not consistent in displayed floor numbers.
  • Windows at reactor room are not visible.
  • You can fly into a mothership when it is destroyed.
  • You can get stuck if you jump into the hologram in the Command Center on the command bridge.
  • When damaging the mothership you manage with a vehicle you cannot enter it.
  • Calypso area and the area above disappear in the Map UI if you fully zoom in.
  • Every now and then there are some small sync problems when flying the smaller ships (Sleipnir and Quad-Wing Interceptor)
  • In the Quad-Wing Interceptor, you are able to see parts of the HUD on the window.
  • When you enter space you see chat from people being on the origin planet.
  • The collision shield on a space station is larger than the visible boundaries.
  • When flying Sleipnir (VTOL) in space, and no one is seated in the driver's seat, the landing gear is extended and they block the steering of "fire of hel".

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