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Release Date::2011/05/05
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Improvements and Fixed Issues, Legal Updates
Updated Entity
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ROCKtropia 5-5-2011
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Official Release Notes[edit]

Entropia Universe 11.9.6 Release Notes

Improvements and Fixed Issues

•The make-up mask textures you created pre-VU 10 are now included. •The make-up masks will now be visible in Items Info when scanning avatar. •Collision sounds have now been adjusted. •You can yet again scan non-human creatures with the scanner. •The "View map location for event area" in the Global Events List UI functions correctly again.

Legal Updates

Updated the EULA and ToU: •EULA §7 Indemnification •ToU §10 Indemnification

Planet-Specific Releases

Integrated ROCKtropia content into Entropia Universe. See http://www.neverdie.com/content/ for more information.

Further Information[edit]

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