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Teleport to Event, Improvements and Fixed Issues
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Official Release Notes[edit]

New Feature

Teleport to Event Service

If you have registered to participate in an event but you are not in or near the event area when the event begins, you can now teleport there for free! When there is maximum 15 minutes left until the event starts you can click the Teleport To Event button in the Event Settings interface. At event start you will automatically be prompted about it and through that dialog you can choose to teleport to the event area.

Note: This teleportation service only works if you are on the same planet as the event area.

Improvements and Fixed Issues

Event List

•The Event List now shows all Event Areas, not just the ones with upcoming Events. •Ongoing Events are now also shown in the list and the position of the Event Organizer (or Land Area Marker) has been added for all areas. This position is also marked in the Map when clicking the "Show on map" button.


•Clearer Fort Battle Messages. Messages during Fort Events and Landgrab fort battles now have color-coded icons to make it clearer which force the message concerns. •Land Area deeds fix. Fixed issue where you could not claim management of a land area with a deed from Land Area Configuration Terminals.

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