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3-D Secure
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Entropia Universe 11.5.6 Release Notes

26 Jan 2011

3-D Secure

  • In release 11.5.5 we implemented support for 3-D Secure when making deposits through the Entropia Universe website. Up until this release - 11.5.6 - we have kept the possibility to perform transactions in the in-game Transfer Center for all payment cards. With this release, the transaction rules for the in-game Transfer Center will change and will now only be open for certain payment cards, for example, verified cards.
  • After the first deposit through the Entropia Universe website, the following transaction rules will apply
    • Accounts with Verified cards: Deposits can be made via both the Entropia Universe website and the in-game Transfer Center.
    • Accounts without a Verified card: Deposits have to be made via the Entropia Universe website.
    • Accounts with Verified cards connected to 3-D Secure: Deposits can be made via both the Entropia Universe website, where 3-D Secure requires authentication, and the in-game Transfer Center.
    • Accounts with newly registered cards: How deposits are made depends on whether the card is verified or not, see above bullets. From now on, the registration of a new card has to be carried out via the Entropia Universe website.

If you encounter any problems with your transactions contact support.

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