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Release Date::2010/12/08
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New Planet Discovered
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Next Island Launch, 2010.7, ROCKtropia Update 12-8-2010
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Release Notes[edit]

Entropia Universe 11.5.1 Release Notes

08 Dec 2010

New Planet Discovered in Entropia Universe

Today we proudly present the new planet Next Island. This tropical paradise has exotic vegetation to explore and many new creatures to hunt.

Visit the planet website at http://www.nextisland.com/.

Interplanetary Transportation

To travel between and within planetary systems find a teleporter and select desired destination. Make sure to pack the items you want to bring in your carried Inventory.

Improvements and Fixed Issues


  • It is not possible to mine within cities - added warning to inform about that.
  • Fixed issue with extracting large resources in drill-tower when the resource is split on multiple stacks


  • Fixed faulty creature animations.
  • Solved Gold Card issues (issues when logging on and when ordering a Gold Card).
  • It is now possible to extract several 20k stacks from the PED Card in one extractiion.
  • Adjusted avatar swimming depth.
  • Reduced memory consumption in the client application.


  • Corrected displayed speed in VTOL.
  • The vehicle condition shown in the vehicle's texture is based on its SI, not the vehicle's deterioration.

Visual and UI

  • Fixed issue with incorrectly placed target text.
  • Fixed faulty tooltips in the Context menu.
  • Using Auto-Use Tool is indicated in the HUD.
  • Drag and drop from blueprint book to construction UI functions again.
  • The Event UI will not close immediately after the event has finished.
  • Modifying only the priority of an Ad Screen message is now free-of-charge.

Planet-Specific Releases

Integrated new content into Entropia Universe. See the planets' respective website for more information:

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