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Entropia Universe 11.4.1 Release Notes

04 Nov 2010



  • Payn-Inc inserter can be equipped when a skill chip is attached.
  • Fixed issues with equipping weapons having Omegaton A101, T-Rap (L) or Bull Tac20 (L) attached.
  • Possible to equip skeleton outfit to mannequin.
  • Possible to equip gift items such as the trident and scythe again.


  • Skills can be implanted and extracted.
  • Track quest marker is displayed on the Map.
  • Ammo weight is displayed.*
  • Fixed issue with Global Events list.
  • Fixed issue with garments not covering all body parts.
  • When aiming at personal NPCs ( bank tellers, mannequins, shop keepers) they are no longer marked as invalid targets.

Known Issues

  • Target text not always displayed above target.

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