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Entropia Universe 11.3.2 Release Notes

30 Sep 2010



  • Improved VTOL flame animation.
  • Improved sound for moving hovercraft.
  • Improved the hovercraft's powered effect for watching participants.
  • Improved client stability.
  • Fixed issue with no mobs spawning in some areas.
  • Fixed issue with not being able to switch between aim/cursor mode when focus is on Private Chat UI .
  • Fixed issue with attachment that are not visible on ore and energy matter finders.
  • Fixed issue with attachments on plasma weapons.
  • Fixed issue with not functioning refiners.
  • Fixed issue with completely black Biodomes on Crystal Palace.
  • Removed Refresh button i n Item Info for spawned vehicles .

Known Issues

  • To be able to use the Voice Chat system, communication to certain IP addresses need to be allowed in the firewall. For more information see the Support FAQ on the Planet Support Portals.

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