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Entropia Universe 11.2.3 Release Notes

07 Jul 2010


  • Limited blueprint books are possible to color again.
  • Possible to equip personal avatars (mannequins, shop keepers and bank tellers) with tools and weapons again.
  • Fixed issues with the global ad system.
  • Adjusted visual behavior for bubbles.
  • Fixed issue with stationary underwater creatures.
  • Adjusted so auctions do not expire during Maintenance mode.
  • Adjusted camera when sitting in a vehicle.
  • Fixed issues with vehicle icons in Inventory and Item Info to show the correct Structural Integrity status of the vehicle.
  • Adjusted appeared avatar movement in water; when jumping and looking up or down.
  • Fixed issue with Lanorium Texture affecting texturizing to behave strange.
  • The message informing that the vehicle is destroyed is clarified to include which vehicle it refers to.

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