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Beauty System

  • Fixed issue with locked GUI when customer cannot afford beauty operation.
  • Fixed issue with eye height when aborting sculpturing.
  • Fixed issue with Success Rate not being updated correctly.
  • Improved GUI by graying out unavailable buttons.
  • Help text updated to include target actions.
  • Designer view of the customer is now adjustable using the new camera actions.
  • Designer is free to move around during a session.

Quest/Mission System

  • Rocket and Grenade launcher valid for killing creatures in quest.
  • Minor GUI updates; changed one background color and updated quest notification icon.
  • Disabled Abandon button when no quest/mission is selected.
  • Fixed issue where mission broker does not accept correct amount of gathered sweat when in separate stacks in the Inventory.


  • Fixed issue with Avatar already being logged in.
  • Improved Client Loader stability.
  • When killed by a creature, information on what creature it was will again be displayed in the chat window.
  • Fixed gun turret animation effects.
  • Added camera actions to target different body parts.
  • Camera position is better synchronized with avatar eye position.

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