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Calypso Metereological Institue reports that the cold weather will remain for a few more weeks. This means that there will still be snow falling on Calypso for a while.


  • Possible to select if the ammunition counter should show shots/uses left or stack content left.
  • Added action to simultaneously merge all stackable items in the Inventory and opened containers and boxes.
  • Added Insert into PED card action for PED and PEC stacks.


GUI Related Improvements

  • Added explicit information about transportation fee at auction, when applicable.
  • Improved GUIs, GUI descriptions and help texts.
  • Added back button in Item Info to return to previously displayed item.
  • Improved Participant Content: Help text updated to explain restrictions on participant content.
  • Reduced chance of accidently triggering click-to-run.
  • Improved Action Menu: better category and submenu sorting.
  • Improved Auction: after retrieving an item in the Won view, the next item in the list is automatically selected.
  • Improved Market price: tiers are only displayed for concerned items.
  • Improved Society Info: only top two ranks can change society information.

Ticket Event

  • Fixed issue with event registration.
  • Fixed issue with creating events on Club NEVERDIE and Crystal Palace.
  • Item-use animations are no longer played in Events if the item type used is blocked by the Event rules.
  • Fixed issue with disabling radar.
  • If no event participants scores any points, all prizes are returned to the promoter.
  • Improved Event Settings: number of registered participants is shown.
  • Improved Event Settings: top 10 event participants visible on leaderboard.
  • Improved Event Settings: participant entries in the participant list is color coded according to society, team, votes and if the participant is dead.
  • Improved Event Settings: reputation is showed as a thumb up or down, unless the reputation is zero, where no icon is showed.
  • Improved Event Settings: Copy/paste support added.


  • Exploit personating other in chat fixed. Characters “[“ and “]” disabled from input and color added to sender name.
  • Removed action Start/Stop Chat. If this action is already mapped to the keymap, the action is now Start Chat.
  • Channel filter settings are saved at log out.
  • Fixed key-repeat function: key repeat works when pressing down arrow keys, arrow keys together with Ctrl and delete.
  • Added option to keep chat focus when entering text. If not selected, pressing enter will close chat input.
  • Improved Chat window: graphics for channel filter icons are updated.
  • Improved Chat window: input channel buttons are always visible.
  • Improved Chat window: improved text contrast.
  • Improved Chat window: faster animation when activating Chat window.
  • Improved Chat window: in Private chat, message author is displayed when previous message has another author.

Miscellaneous issues

  • Fixed lighting when designing your avatar, medium setting.
  • Fixed issue with displayed computer memory in Client Loader.
  • Fixed issues with Global Ads.
  • Improved handling of graphics settings.
  • Added estate name to sold item message.
  • Fixed Society List update on new search.
  • When unequipping a Mindforce teleport chip, the map is now closed correctly.
  • Improved drag and drop items function.
  • Improved client and server stability.
  • Improved teleporting function.
  • Decreased transportation costs to and from Crystal Palace.
  • Lowered Proteron running speed.

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