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Team Issues

  • Corrected tab order for settings in Team Settings Edit

Ticket Event Issues

  • Fixed issue with promoter being the only registered participant in an event with “accumulate” rules
  • Event name added to entry message of an active event area
  • Changed the buttons of the global event list GUI to match the other GUIs
  • The global message for events with remaining tickets is no longer sent twice
  • Corrected page numbers in registered participants list in Event settings
  • Added account balance check for registration UI; the Register button will be disabled if there is less money than the ticket prize in the account
  • Information about the winner, own event rank and notary skill is sent as offline message to all participants when the event ends
  • Added tooltips to Prize Items list
  • Fixed missing sound when pressing Ticket event tab
  • Trimmed extra spaces from friends in participant list
  • An event created to start in half-an-hour no longer posts a global message “event will start in 1 hour”
  • Long names of prize items are now truncated with ellipsis if they don’t fit

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