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Event system back and improved, bugfixes, sweat exploit fixed
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  • Ticket event system is back and improved
  • As before, events can be set up at event managers or at the claim marker
  • Tickets are sold at the event managers or at the claim marker
  • New settings: Disable SatNav and Max Health
  • Upcoming events can now be found in a global Event list where you can see events and information about them (such as rules, prizes, participants etc) by area
  • The global event list can be found in the Action Menu under System-Main-Event List
  • There’s an icon for the Event list in the action library
  • If there are tickets remaining one hour before an event starts, an announcement is made in the Event channel of the Main chat
  • The winner of an event will be announced in the Event channel


Sound Issues

  • Fixed distance parameter for teleport, revive and death sound effects
  • Broadcaster sound distance reduced
  • Music volume setting now works correctly
  • Corrected sound cone for some ad screen models
  • Decoys no longer bleats forever if the decoy is dropped on the ground

Chat GUI Issues

  • Fixed issue where when losing private chat focus, you could not press enter to start main chat
  • Chat logs now shows correct recipient of private messages
  • Fixed issue where you could not select input channel if the main chat GUI was set as small as possible

Land Area Settings Issues

  • Public Event Area, PvP and SatNav settings can be changed in Land Area Settings as often as wanted
  • SatNav can be disabled in Land Area Settings

GUI Issues

  • Improved readability of the name over the health bar
  • Item flags (like M, F, C, PC etc) are again aligned to the left of inventory icons
  • In Item Info, Personal Avatar again shows the equipped items in tree view
  • The icon “Unequip all” is no longer gone from Personal Avatar
  • Drop shadow added to item count to make it easier to read
  • Death teleport GUI no longer steals focus

Miscellaneous Issues

  • Fixed issues with particle effects constantly increasing at some objects
  • Fixed exploit of getting sweating skill from under-water creatures

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