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Mini update, bug fixes
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Auto-use Issues

  • Auto-use of VSE Mk 1 is no longer aborted when extraction begins
  • Auto-use tool now works for mining finders

Chat Issues

  • Fixed issue where you could not select/copy text
  • Fixed issue in Society chat where the “#” character was shown as “??”

Team Issues

  • It is no longer possible to select more than one loot mode when forming a team
  • Fixed issue where key presses was ignored in Team Settings UI if opened after the team was created
  • Added Kick team member to context menu
  • If a team is already created, cursor mode is no longer activated when the Team Settings GUI opens

Navigation Issues

  • Fixed issue with auto-running being aborted if you start it by double-clicking on the sky and then move the mouse
  • Jumping should no longer stop auto-run
  • Rotating direction with right mouse button should no longer stop auto navigation
  • Now you will still be moving if you use left + right mouse button to move and release one of them

GUI Issues

  • Fixed issue with a friend being shown as offline even if online, if you have dragged out a status bar
  • Map can again be placed at the far left/right of the screen
  • Fixed issue with strange red lines in Land Area Welcome Message
  • Tab and Esc keys should now work correctly in Society log GUI

Miscellaneous Issues

  • Skill gain and global HoF now have different effects
  • Fixed issue where changing graphics options could cause item icons to no longer show the item


Auto-use of mining extractors does not work properly when “Queue Use Tool Action when Reloading” is enabled in Options-Controls

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