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Teaming, Sweating, Enhanced navigation,
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A new scientific breakthrough has been made: a safe, practical tool for extracting the life essence known as “Vibrant Sweat”. By emitting a low-energy field for harvesting the essence, the tool focuses vibrant sweat and encodes it into a suspension fluid. Vibrant Sweat can then be refined together with Force Nexus to produce Mind Essence.

To operate the VSE Mk 1, move within 30 meters from the target, aim carefully and pull the trigger. Keep the tool aimed at the target until the sample is collected.

Note that the VSE works only on animals and not on mutants, robots or other colonists.


  • Teaming is back! Again you can go hunting with your friends and share both the fun and the loot with them.
  • Sweating is back! And this time, it’s point and click – no more concentration, just pick up your new handy tool VSE Mk 1, aim it and start sweating! This tool is a gift to all players, old and new, for gathering sweat. The VSE Mk 1 is free for everyone and does not decay.
  • Mouse-only navigation is back! Want to go there? Just double-click there. You can also press and hold both left and right mouse-button to move forward. And no, we have not turned off the old FPS style – aim and shoot is still there. If you lost it, it’s under Options-Controls-Enable Aim Mode.
  • Auto navigation is back! This includes following another avatar, run to creature and shoot when within range, and run to creature and loot when in range.
  • Mouse buttons can be mapped! Actions can now be assigned to mouse buttons 3-8, using the Keyboard Map GUI. The mouse button map is to the right just below the Keyboard Map GUI. You can’t map mouse buttons 1 and 2 (left and right mouse buttons); they are locked.
  • Live audio streaming is back on Club NEVERDIE! Bop till you drop!


GUI Issues

  • Optimized GUI performance
  • Adjusted icons for several items
  • Adjusted several action book icons
  • Fixed issues with Action Book and Blueprint Book GUIs
  • Actions Target Body, Target Face, Target Eyes and Target Mouth were removed pending the return of the Beauty system as they did nothing
  • Scrollbar should no longer be visible when a full Private Chat is minimized
  • Private Chat, Team Invite, Society Invite and Add as Friend are no longer subject to range
  • Chat window and text input fields now support copy/paste
  • Selected text should be easier to see
  • You should now be able to select the status bar when the player is out of range
  • Fixed issue with dragging the status bar
  • Fixed issue with land area message GUI
  • Keymapping actions is now triggered on key release rather than key press
  • Fixed issues with the scroll bar on the location list in the Map UI
  • You should now be able to see all pages on the tab Won auctions when there are more than one page
  • Double-click on a selected item in Auction now works

Ad System Issues

  • Fixed issue when starting a preview of an ad before the previous preview had ended
  • Fixed issue with not being able to create more than 5 sequences

Terrain and Location Issues

  • Landed some flying buildings in Minopolis
  • Fixed some terrain issues

Apartment Issues

  • The Billgren wallpaper in Billton Towers 1 and 4 is back

Item Issues

  • An extra shot effect is no longer played when switching from FAP to weapon
  • Inventory should be updated when equipping a personal avatar
  • Markup graph of attachment now shows the graph of the attachment when equipped to an item, rather than the graph of the item
  • Fixed issue with Fast Aid Packs losing animations and effects after successive rapid uses

Miscellaneous Issues

  • Improved stability
  • Auto loot range decreased to previous range, and auto navigation is used instead

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