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Mini update, bug fixes, Apartment/Televators working again
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Imperial Zoological Scouts have observed several flying and hovering creatures, including Aetherex, Hiryuu, Kingfisher, TskTsk, Diripi, Igni and Pupugi in the skies over Calypso, as well as Rippersnappers in the water.

The mall in New Oxford has been demolished. The building, a relic from the old colonization phase, was condemned after it was discovered that it had structural damage from the blast of Typhon’s impact. After it being infested by Calypsian concrete worm, Colonial Administration saw no other choice than to tear down the building.


  • Apartments are back
  • Televators are back
  • Estate maintenance fee expiration time is extended to compensate for the time when apartments were not available


Manufacturing Issues

  • When using Auto Mode for crafting, the automatic idle log out is disabled
  • Manufacturing progress bar no longer interrupts chat
  • Mindforce Teleportation Issues
  • Mindforce has a tutorial message added
  • Home locations are shown in the location list if the teleport chip is capable of teleporting home

User Interface Issues

  • Added a “Toggle Auto-Use Tool” action to the Action Library
  • Fixed issue with improperly drawn inventory icons
  • The beeping mining claim sound should now stop properly
  • Long Estate descriptions are no longer clipped in Estate UI
  • Teleportation UI again shows areas when location list is visible
  • Personal avatar is displayed in items info for pads
  • Fixed issue where the message “The item you are trying to use is damaged” didn’t show when it should
  • Land management UI should now close when the avatar dies

Item Issues

  • Added warning message to over-full Resettlement Storage Containers
  • Resettlement Storage Container containing items is no longer sellable in Auction
  • Scope zoom no longer resets when another avatar dies

Location Issues

  • When teleporting to Twin Peaks Shopping Mall it should not be possible to appear in a wall.
  • Improved performance at certain locations

Skill Extraction Issues

  • Fixed issues with Payn-Inc Implant Inserter
  • Numbers, numeric keyboard and arrows are no longer locked when the Skill Extraction UI has focus

Miscellaneous Issues

  • Improved stability
  • You can now make deposits using Ukash vouchers from Canada, Cyprus and Uruguay


  • Doors on apartments do not have an animation (aka will not open) but you can go through them
  • Billgren wallpapers are missing in Billton Towers 1 and 4

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