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Teleport chips and Skill implants working again.
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It is now a month and a half since Calypso opened for resettlement. During this time, teleportation have been restricted to the use of large-scale fixed teleporters because the heavy neutrino radiation from the drive core of War Titan Typhon induced a great risk for teleporter misrelocations. The fixed teleporters are adequately shielded to compensate for this; MindForce TP chips are not.

RDI have monitored the neutrino radiation, and deemed that the level has decreased enough for MindForce TP to be safe. Based on this recommendation, Colonial Administration has decided to enable this service again, effective immediately.

Despite several sabotage attempts against the Oil Rig, and thanks to the brave colonists defending it from the Wastelanders last week, the Imperial Mining Office crews have finally completed and tested the Oil Rig. It is back online again and producing oil!


Reintroduced Systems

Text Updates

  • Updated the text in the avatar name selection UI
  • Improved and more accurate tooltip for Condition in Item Info
  • Confirmation window for Reset in Options of the Entropia Universe Login window is now localized
  • Estate and Land Area Issues
  • Expire time for estates extended with the time that the estate wasn’t available

Land Management Issues

  • Fixed edit tax settings issue on land area management
  • Fixed issue with the claim button on Land Area GUI
  • Improvement points will be spent again, and are no longer frozen
  • Improvement points and improvement point costs have been multiplied by 20 to reflect the number of Energized Fertilizer. If you had 10 IP before, you have 200 now. If you had to pay 5 IP before, you pay 100 IP now.
  • Added terminals to Asteroid Control Room for Land Management
  • Added icons for DNA, Land Area Settings and Land Area Management
  • It is again possible to edit the welcome message of society-owned Land Areas

User Interface Issues

  • Land Area Select menu at Club NEVERDIE is now sorted
  • Land Area names are now correctly shown in Society UI
  • Max size of main chat window has been increased
  • Fixed issue where incoming PM was not displayed
  • Fixed issue where the first line in PMs was not displayed
  • Fixed issue with wrong error message when trying to take a bank loan using a mannequin pad with items still on it as security
  • Estate name is shown in Bank UI title

Manufacturing Issues

  • Added new checkbox in the Manufacturing UI, Auto Mode. When checked, the Construction Machine goes on manufacturing until stopped.
  • Fixed issue with manufacturing Trutun texture
  • Fixed issue with the progress bar in Manufacturing sometimes being invisible
  • The Manufacture button should now reappear properly when the progress bar disappears

Item and Weapon Issues

  • Scope zoom speed increased
  • Rockets from rocket launcher should now travel the correct range as stated by items info
  • Scanners now have Range listed in information

Miscellaneous Issues

  • Constraints in avatar creation that were removed in 10.0 are now back for new accounts
  • Client Loader now saves windowed mode setting
  • Patch download is integrated into the Client Loader main window
  • Stability improved


Simplified MindForce TP

A brief manual of how to use Simplified MindForce Teleportation:

1.Equip MindForce Teleporter chip (right click on item in inventory and select equip)

2.Use tool. You need Mind Essence to do it.

3.After a delay for charging, the map UI opens.

4.Select a position within the teleport area (shown as a circle around the player).

  • If selecting a location from the location list (i.e. a city), the position is automatically set to the position within the teleport area closest to the location.
  • If selecting a home and teleport to home is enabled by the chip, the position will be set to the terminal outside the home, even if outside the teleport area.
  • The selected position needs to be on the same planet.

5.Click the teleport button.

Skill Extraction

How to extract skills:

1.Attach an empty skill implant to the implant tool (drag and drop the chip on the tool).

2.Equip the implant tool.

3.Use the implant tool. The skill UI opens.

4.Select a skill to be extracted.

5.Click the Extract Skill icon.

6.Choose the extracted amount in the window that just opened.

7.The Loot window opens with a new chip containing the extracted amount. The value of the empty chip is adjusted accordingly.

How to implant skills:

1.Attach a skill implant with a specific skill to the implant tool (drag and drop the chip on the tool).

2.Equip the implant tool.

3.Use the implant tool.

4.A confirmation window will open. Click Yes to insert the skill.

5.The skill is inserted.

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