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Release Date::2009/09/04
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Mini update, new outposts & bugfixes
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Imperial Zoological Scouts reports that the gun turrets seem to have taught the Atrox around Sakura City a lesson, and they now seem to avoid the city.

Fort Fury’s auctioneer has finally arrived, and should be ready to assume auctioneering duties by now.

Calypso Meteorological Institute reports that Amethera weather continues to improve.

Colonial Administration wishes to announce that the following Ametheran settlements have been relocated:

Also, new settlements have been opened for colonists on Amethera:

  • Miwak, 3,5 km south-southwest of Wolverine Hope
  • Timbesha, between Outback Lands #25 and #24, and between Outback Land #64 and Land Area 15
  • Cayuze, between Land Areas 5 and 7

In addition to that, several new outposts have been opened on Eudoria:

Finally, the new Sissipahaw Water Treatment Plant has been constructed north of Sakura City in order to provide Ametheran colonists with clean and healthy water.


UI/Map issues

  • Contaminated areas now show as red on the map, while PvP areas now show as yellow.
  • Limnadian District is no longer shown as a red circle. It now has the correct blue color.
  • Improved the look of the map
  • Construct UI should no longer lock player movement when the UI is closed.
  • When retrieving items from the auction, a confirmation message is now written to the chat.
  • Auction UI now switches to Browse mode when clicking on an item in the tree
  • Fixed issue with switching between Categories and Search tabs in bank UI.
  • Fixed issues with blank pages on Special Items in bank UI
  • If a name is too long for the HoF UI, the full name is now shown as a tooltip

Mining issues

  • Standing on the bomb when it explodes no longer drops the avatar under ground

Sound issues

  • Fixed missing footstep sounds
  • Added sound for PM notification

Location issues

  • You can now enter the auction room of Port Atlantis shopping mall
  • Fixed issues with misplaced doors in some houses
  • Fixed misaligned floors in Twin Peaks mall
  • Fixed several terrain issues
  • Ad screens in Sakura City are no longer reversed
  • The water volume of one lake near Athena Space Port has been corrected
  • Terminals are no longer blocking the entry to the Limnadian District Service Center
  • Corrected name of Land Area 11, from the erroneous Outback Land
  • Fixed issues with misaligned geometry in Zychion Citadel
  • Temporary revival terminals have been installed in the domes at Club NEVERDIE. Temporary trade terminals and repair terminals have been installed to all Land Areas and Outback Land Areas on Amethera. Note that this is a temporary fix for the duration of the Second Golden Age!
  • Several locations on Amethera have been moved to new positions in order to rectify their position relative to land areas. Some new locations have been added in order to compensate for increased distance where this was impossible. See Resettlement Update for details

Settings issues

  • Fixed issue with Options/Advanced/Shading Quality at Low and Medium, that causes short drawing distance and fog
  • It should no longer be possible to remove Cursor Mode, Escape Menu and Action Library from the keymap. You can move them to other keys


Miscellaneous fixes

  • Fixed issues with ad screens and participant content
  • Fixed issue with estate terminal visualization
  • Fixed some bubble particle effects
  • Some stability issues fixed

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