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Mini update, bug fixes
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UI issues

  • Fixed some issues with character definition UI
  • Fixed occasional crash to desktop in chat UI
  • Fixed missing item name in chat when creating an auction order
  • Double click in auction GUI should now do the default action (“All offers” opens view/place, “Won” retrieves the item, “Available” opens order)
  • Fixed issue with page navigation in loan UI
  • Fixed issue with page navigation in special items in bank UI
  • Fixed several issues with auction UI
  • Fixed several issues with ad UI
  • Fixed issues with map UI

Map issues

  • Fixed several issues with land areas seemingly overlapping on the map

Gameplay issues

  • Fixed issue with dropping bombs in the air while mining and jumping
  • Fixed issue with deposit moving out of range when mining
  • Fixed several issues with scopes
  • When constructing, the result is now sent after a short delay and the progress bar will be running while waiting
  • Fixed issue with ambient sound on login
  • Guns in need of repair will no longer play the firing animation when the player attempts to fire it
  • Added terminals to shopping mall and bank estates
  • Fixed issue with queuing tool changes
  • Fixed issue with society owned Land Area settings
  • Fixed issue with redeeming loans
  • Fixed an issue where you could not remove bleachers from storage
  • Fixed some issues with graphics options window when changing from windowed mode to fullscreen.
  • Fixed issue with Personal Manufacturing Terminal
  • Fixed issue with calculation of hunting profession average

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