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Release Date::2009/08/26
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Mini update, bug fixes
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Colonial Administration has been kind enough to send several Service Containers and place them in the vast wilderness of Calypso to ease colonists’ travels. So far, Service Containers have been placed in the wilderness around Port Atlantis, Ortho’s Mound, Camp Echidna and Fort Troy. More Service Containers are on their way. Imperial Zoological Scouts have reported that Atrox have changed appearance during the Great Winter. Scientists are speculating how this may be an adaptation to the harsh conditions. Calypso Meteorological Institute is happy to announce that the freak snow falls that have plagued Calypso in the last week should be over for now and the weather should be more stable. Calypso Defense Forces have finally installed gun turrets in Sakura City, so you won’t have to worry about atroxes following you to your doorstep.

Fixed issues

  • “Side by side” installation issue is fixed
  • Fixed black patches on the neck when wearing a coat
  • Fixed some issues on the location list of the map
  • Fixed a few missing sounds
  • Fixed missing texture on one female hair style; fixed uncolorable male hair style
  • Lots of terrain fixes
  • Fixed an error with buildings in Minopolis and Atlas Haven
  • Overlapping Land Areas fixed
  • Fixed irregular behaviors in the Ad/User Content system
  • Several issues regarding private chat have been fixed
  • Switched light bulb in the PvP zone warning in the HUD; now it should be more visible
  • Fixed several animations
  • The teleporter on Akmuul Island has been moved out of PvP
  • Fixed issue with air bubble particles on land
  • Fixed issue with blueprint books
  • Fixed missing collision on one of the big tree models
  • Fixed issues with umbranoid suits
  • Fixed several inventory icons
  • Fixed issue when an avatar may get stuck in terrain
  • Fixed issue with Window mode option
  • Fixed Armor platings and other attachments so they don't get stuck in Storage
  • Desktop icon and start menu name has been changed to Planet Calypso

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