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Release Date::2009/09/24
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Mini update, bug fixes
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Surveyors from Imperial Mining Office have located survivors from the Great Winter, colonists that for one reason or another had not been evacuated before the impact of War Titan Typhon. The survivors are a band of individuals that have scrounged resources to survive during our five year long absence. The band, settled near the Oil Rig and in the contested and contaminated zones did not rejoice at the reunion and used force to drive the surveyors off.

Calypso Law Enforcement Administration speculates that these wastelanders may be the bandits that have scourged the area around the Oil Rig in the recent past.

Surveyors were also surprised to find a streak in the desert near the oil rig that the wildlife seemed to avoid. On further analysis, it was due to the presence of toxic and radioactive substances in the sand. These had apparently been placed there on purpose to drive off dangerous creatures from the area. The perpetrator has not been identified, and although IMO admits that these streaks are practical for them, they deny any knowledge and blame the wastelanders, claiming that they probably want a clear path to the rig in order to raid it.

Imperial Zoological Scouts report that Foul have suddenly changed appearance. The phenomenon seems to be related to the Atrox' change of appearance, and scientists are moving away from the hypothesis that it was an adaptation during the Great Winter. Scientists are not ready to give an alternative explanation as yet.


Sound issues

  • Fixed issue with sound effect of Vivo tool
  • Improved playback of simultaneous sounds
  • Improved creature sounds
  • Improved excavator sound
  • Added night ambient sound to Amethera
  • Added PvP alert sound

Map and UI issues

  • Fixed a lot of names in the Map UI
  • Optimized icons
  • Fixed typeface in login UI

Terrain and Landscape Issues

  • Fixed several pits in the landscape
  • Fixed some tears in the landscape
  • Grounded some flying objects and buildings
  • Adjusted land areas in CNDs domes
  • Fixed an incorrect water surface
  • Fixed the end of a bridge at Twin Peaks
  • Heavily rugged terrain in and around Land Areas on Amethera has been leveled out

Land Area Issues

  • Temporary SGA terminals added to LA17
  • Claim marker at LA39 is now operational

Building Issues

  • Fixed issues with indoors vegetation and rocks
  • Shopping mall auction rooms have been moved compared to their location in 9.4
  • Added terminals to New Oxford bank
  • Improved lighting in the character definition room
  • Fixed the floor in the basement shop in CND
  • Fixed issue with dome walls
  • Fixed some issues with Skipper building
  • Fixed issue with the club house at Cyclops
  • Adjusted light intensity in different settings
  • Added catwalk to New Oxford

Teleporter Issues

  • Fixed issue with teleportation to Athena Spaceport
  • Fixed several nameless teleporters
  • Fixed some issues with CND teleporters
  • Fixed issue with some teleporters not having any effects

Graphics Issues

  • Fixed some vegetation incorrectly shining at a distance
  • Fixed head texture issue
  • Fixed issue with strange bubble cluster when diving
  • Increased minimum ambient light indoors for medium and low settings
  • Fixed some missing textures

Creature Issues

  • Fixed issue with Furor
  • Trilomite removed from substitute list
  • Corrected spelling of Boorum Male/Female Beserker to “Berserker”

Item Issues

  • Dark Green Paint Cans and normal Green Paint Cans no longer swap colors
  • Fixed issue with Mining Claim Rod animations not playing
  • Fixed issue with Christmas reindeer animation not playing
  • Adjusted hand positions on some weapons
  • Paladin Face Guard and Hero Mask can no longer be equipped at the same time
  • Bolt blueprints “Hardened Bolt”, “Reinforced Bolt”, “High Grade Bolt”, “Basic Bolt Blueprint”, “Hardened Bolt Blueprint”, “High Grade Bolt Blueprint” and “Reinforced Bolt Blueprint”, renamed to refer to nuts instead of bolts

Miscellaneous Issues

  • Fixed issue with objects not being selectable after placing them on the walls of a participant’s shop
  • Fixed some localization issues
  • Content optimization mainly around Port Atlantis in order to increase performance

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