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A faulty wiring in the Jason Centre teleporter caused the passenger to relocate several miles up in the air on rematerialization if accessed through Twin Peaks, Fort Ares or Jason Centre teleporters, and the Jason Centre teleporter was deemed hazardous by the Imperial Public Transportation Office. For your safety, it has been removed and replaced with one of the spare teleporters erroneously placed at Segna Forest. Teleporter service to Jason Centre should now work correctly, and there’s just one teleporter at Segna Forest.

The shopping container at the outpost south of Strength Keep has been excavated after the landslide and is now restored to working order.

Imperial Zoological Scouts have discovered that trilomites have returned to Amethera.

Imperial Mining Office is proud to announce the new and improved Oil Rig in the desert west of Nymphtown. “We know that this rig is located in bandit country” said Harlan Macaulay, spokesman for IMO, “but we feel that we have taken the necessary precautions to ward off raiders, and we look forward to the projected production increase of petrochemicals in the near future.” The new Oil Rig will undergo rigorous field testing before production starts.


Terrain and location issues

  • Fixed several hovering objects and buildings
  • Fixed issues with skipper buildings
  • Fixed issues with holes in the ground
  • You can no longer walk through the walls in Port Atlantis
  • Improved lighting in Sakura City Trade Center
  • Fixed issues with tower shop display areas
  • Water effects of some lakes have been fixed
  • Fixed some flicker caused by overlapping roads
  • Fixed issues with walls
  • Fixed domes on Club NEVERDIE
  • Fixed issues with teleporters on Asteroid
  • Fixed Belk Bar at Zychion Citadel

Items and weapons

  • Fixed issues with mirrored and/or rotated content on Ad Screens and Participant Content screens
  • Issues with participant contents fixed
  • Unconverted participant ads converted
  • Fixed rotation center of Small Plain Shelf
  • Fixed the grip of Thor laser rifle
  • Fixed the blue carpet, although it is still bleached at the moment
  • Shot animation is no longer played when trying to use decayed weapons
  • Dropped folded clothes no longer become invisible

Control and UI issues

  • The client should now automatically go from aim mode to cursor mode when interacting with all kinds of terminal
  • Fixed issue where several tools could be equipped to mannequins and shopkeepers
  • Market Value and Market Value History graphs no longer shows when the window is minimized
  • Non-latin characters should now be correctly converted to uppercase in all cases
  • Market graph window now comes to front correctly
  • The trashcan default position has been moved away from the Desktop Edit UI
  • Fixed issues with Blueprint Book UI

Map issues

  • Fixed issue with area and map location interaction indoors
  • Fixed some missing location names
  • Cape Rusla at Treasure Island fixed
  • Further improvements of the map
  • The Location list has been made a bit wider to accommodate for long names

Sound issues

  • Environment sounds have been adjusted
  • Dive-in sound is adjusted
  • Weapons sounds have been adjusted
  • Sounds have been normalized

Mining issues

  • You no longer slide off claim markers when standing on them

Avatar issues

  • Fixed bug with left hand inverse kinetics
  • Fixed twitch in handgun firing animation for female avatars
  • Fixed checkerboard pattern on the back of the head under the hair
  • Improved avatar and clothing texture management

Miscellaneous issues

  • Fixed some stability issues
  • Reduced memory consumption
  • A warning message is displayed when available memory is running low
  • Fixed issues with AI causing choppy creature movements
  • Gokibusagi should remain above ground

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