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Participant Profile Edit Pencil.png
User Name Bizarrick
Age 30
Gender (M)
Languages Spanish, English, French, some German and some Italian
Country Mexico.gif Mexico
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Avatar Profile Edit Pencil.png
Avatar Name Bartimaeus Brandenburg
Avatar Gender (M)
Society The House of Lords and Ladies
Home Planet Planet Calypso
Place Of Arrival New Oxford
Date Of Arrival 2009/01/24

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Bartimaeus Brandenburg (landed January 24, 2009 on New Oxford, Calypso) is an Entropian socialite who first arrived as a colonist on planet Calypso. He is better known as Bizarrick and can be found in most parties and social events on Calypso. Although he is considered a resident from the planet, he holds no deeds and is denied rights as a citizen.

Upon landing, he vowed never to deposit and always reap all the immaterial goods from Entropia Uiverse. From noble origins, he rejected the Brandenburg family tradition of demure academism in favor of political banter and pointing out the truths of social mores. He reinvented the family coat of arms and adopted CONTRA IVDICVM VLTRA RATIONIS LVCTO as a motto to reflect his unrelenting search for unsuspected truth below façades of complacency.



Bartimaeus Brandenburg was born in Tenochtitlan, Aztec Empire, Planet Earth to Lucius and Mariah Brandenburg, from a family comprised of old aristocrats and prominent intellectuals. The Brandenburgs quickly lost all their fortune when their Omegaton investments dissapeared during the robot wars. However, her mother insisted on the importance of education and encouraged Bartimaeus to finish his studies. After graduating from Earth's Imperial University of Journalism and Performing Arts, he was convinced by one of his teachers to seek fortune in the colonies beyond the solar system.

He arrived to Planet Calypso in January 24th 2009, just in time for his Earthly birthday. It is said that the irony of being disintegrated by a rogue robot spacecraft just when the ship crew yelled "Surprise!", was detrimental to his mental health. Others say that the salvage device in the EBN satellite presented certain malfunctions the day before his ship was attacked.

When he arrived to Port Atlantis for customs check, he failed to prove his own identity because he had slightly modified his DNA during the salvage process to be able to naturally "transform alcohol into gold" in his kidneys. He hasn't yet been able to test this new "ability" (beer will arrive soon, or so they say). However, he swears his urine looks even yellower than usual. His friends have long stopped telling him to consult a doctor about his kidney pains.

With no identity and nothing but some spare clothes on his back, he resolved to put all those years in college to some use. Initially, he juggled a few bottles of sweat around Port Atlantis in exchange for a few coins. Then, he actually started selling them. He afterwards deviced a more complex routine. During his shows he called himself Rick the Bottle Rocker.

He abandoned that job when he got enough money to get some decent clothes. He still enjoyed telling jokes and making everyone laugh, even if they didn't always understand his bizarre humor. He decided to start a webcomic as a better alternative to live entertainment.

His old friends confused with his cryptic remarks called him " Bizarre Rick ". Thus the nickname.


Despite his friends' many warnings, he was stubbornly present at Hadesheim City during the scheduled impact of the War Titan Typhon. He was lost and presumed dead for two years. Some say he was so utterly devastated by the destruction of his favorite landmark that he suffered a nervous breakdown and later went on a spiritual journey to find his true self. Some acquaintances claim that he drowned himself in vat of illegal beer out of spite while others swear he did so in a tub of sweat as a last ironic stunt.

None of these claims have yet been confirmed. However, he is now back after the long hiatus and is trying to rebuild his reputation as a high profile citizen.


Bizarrick hanging out at the Normandie's sick bay for dubious reasons. He pronounced himself "too indisposed for commentary".


From March to September of 2009 he produced a series of weekly webcomics called Cynicism is Dynamic. The webcomics were designed using footage from Entropia Universe and other MMOs. They poked fun at various aspects of the game mechanics and social mores. The general tone was dark and sarcastic catering to a mature audience of malcontents and cynics.

The number thirteen was of great importance to the comic as it marked its starting date (March 13th), prominent milestone (13th comic) and ending (26th comic). Various events were organized to promote the webcomic on Entropia Forum with the Seven Sins as a theme. These themes were chosen because they are popularly related to things dark and negative.

The comic was somewhat popular in the community and was about to be featured in The Weekly Entropian. Unfortunately, the project never made it to its first publication and plans for monthly features were abandoned.

The webcomic is now discontinued.


Bizarrick maintains a high profile in the community, though he may cause controversy from time to time with radical commentaries and strong opinions. He usually "dresses to impress" at all the parties he can sneak into and is a prominent supporter of the arts and social events organized on Calypso and other planets.

He usually sweats to get a small revenue to pay for clothing and transportation expenses. His main source of income, however, are player hosted contests where he makes an effort to win items, money and the recognition of the community and Entropian celebrities.

He is pioneering in the fashion industry as a model and actor. He nonetheless maintains a lingering presence in the media industry as an impromptu photographer and freelance writer.

He once confessed his lifelong dream was to have a luxury spacecruiser named after him. He conceded that he would also settle on piloting the Starship Titanic, murdering everyone on board and blaming the tragedy on the Infinite Improbability Drive.

Personal Miner[edit]

He is currently negotiating a private mining agreement with Narfi Wilhelm which would temporarily relocate him to planet ROCKtropia. The details of the agreement remain undisclosed.


The House of Lords and Ladies[edit]

In 2009, Bizarrick was personally invited into the society by the founder - and then leader - Carloz DeFortissimo for his high profile and festive attitude. He was one of the then rare exceptions to bypass the minimum age requirement. During his stay, he provided high spirits in all society events, took a deep interest in the society's inner workings and had a brief stint as a hunt healer sponsored by DeFortissimo himself.

He was kicked out for inactivity during his hiatus.

The House - of Lords and Ladies[edit]

Upon his return in 2011, Bizarrick was reinstated into the main society -The House - of Lords and Ladies- with a warm recommendation from the founder himself.

He currently holds the Learner rank and is actively making efforts to bring honor to The House by any means available to him. He self appointed himself as the person in charge of the society's social presence. It is yet unclear whether he has the right to style himself as "Lord Brandenburg" but he keeps pushing for approval.

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