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The Gauntlet is a series of new player instances (Gauntlet Stage I and Gauntlet Stage II) on Planet Calypso with an entry at Camp Icarus.

How to start The Gauntlet

As soon as you are approching the Camp Icarus outpost building east of Port Atlantis, for example by arriving there from Calypso Gateway, a dialogue window will pop up informing you about the existence of The Gauntlet. It also offers to add a waypoint to the Gauntlet Organizer NPC to you map, if you accept you will also get the mission Gauntlet Directions which serves as a mere tracker for the waypoint.

The Gauntlet Organizer can be found in front of the Camp Icarus outpost building at ~???,???,???.

The Gauntlet Stage I

  • really simple
  • beginner-friendly
  • ~ 7900m2 size
  • usually less than 10 minutes to finish
  • no time limit
  • trade and repair terminal inside
  • 1 end boss
  • special very low level versions of robot enemies such as Drones, Defenders and Warriors
  • access to end boss only after destroying 2 generators located in NE and NW corner of the instance
  • both generators are guarded by one L7 Gauntlet Warrior each
  • some rooms are proteced with Laser Barriers


  • do the instance in a team of 2, best with a friend
  • make sure you have healing tools
  • study the map

<map goes here>


  • one enemy at a time, one after another
  • keep the distance to enemies, they have a low aggression level
  • "kill" the Laser Barriers before you run through because they do deal damage when still functional
  • don't waste ammo on Proximity Mines
  • the order in which you destroy the generators doesn't matter
  • loot the L4 Drones you've killed
  • if you want to save on healing tool decay you can just wait and regenerate naturally

Ending and rewards

The instance ends with killing the end boss Lord Charon.

The rewards for the first time finishing are a Vivo S10 and 1 Daily Token. For further runs the reward is only 1 Daily Token.

An exit teleporter to Camp Icarus is located just a few meters away from the end boss.

The Gauntlet Stage II


The requirement for access to Stage II is finishing Stage I at least once.

Ending and rewards

The Gauntlet History

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