Teleporter:Low Land Salts (West)

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Warning sign.png R e m o v e d ! Warning sign.png
This asset has been removed from the game!
Teleporter Name Low Land Salts
Teleporter Location
Longitude 127774
Latitude 84219
Height 301
Destination ROCKtropia
Area Cathedral_Area
Teleporter "Properties"
Initially on the map X (No)
Associated Achievements
Estate Improvement X (No)
One-Way Teleporter X (No)
Version Update
"Facilities" available closeby
Revival Point
Auction X (No)
Technician ?
Storage Facility X (No)
Trade Terminal ?
Repair Terminal X (No)
Manufacturing Terminal X (No)
Society terminal X (No)
Ad Terminal X (No)
Event Guide ?
Missions ?
Local PVP Zone ?
Global Ad Screen ?
Broadcaster X (No)
Automated Gun Turret X (No)
Bank ?
Shops ?
There are 2 TPs named Low Land Salts, the other one is located at (129738, 83900, 140).

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Localities and activities close-by[edit]

Nothing close-by available or not documented yet.



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