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Build: The build number of this version update. This is the last number in the version number scheme, for example in the build number is 92916.
Release Date: The date of the VU. Please pick in the following order: Year, month, day. <= Please use the datepicker to enter a date: 1. Year, 2. Month, 3. Day!
Short Description: Short description.
Updated Entity: The entity this VU page refers to, entities can be Entropia Universe (platform, space, Genesis) or the individual planet systems. Each entity shall have its own page for each of its updates!
Affiliated Updates: Pagename(s) of platform- or planet-specific updates that came along with this update seperated by comma, example: ROCKtropia 2.0, Planet Arkadia Release 2011.5
Forum Thread URL: URL of a forum thread on EP discussing this VU, for example the retrieved release notes thread.

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