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This is a property of type String.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • Yes
  • No

Pages using the property "Colorable"

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A.R.C Elite +No  +
A.R.C Elite (L) +No  +
A.R.C. Guardian +No  +
A.R.C. Pilot +No  +
Allophyl Statue +No  +
Angel +No  +
Angel (L) +No  +
Angel Improved +No  +
Angel Modified +No  +
Angel SGA Edition +No  +
Ankitus +No  +
Anti Virus (L) +No  +
Aquila (L) +No  +
Arctic (L) +No  +
Athenian Head Scarf +Yes  +
Athenian Tunic +Yes  +
Aurora (L) +No  +


Basic Pattern Pants (C) +Yes  +
Bass Drum +No  +
Bat Wings +No  +
Bear +No  +
Bear (L) +No  +
Berserker +No  +
Berycled Trophy Head +No  +
Boar +No  +
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