Next Island Version Updates

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VersionRelease DateShort DescriptionUpdated EntityAffiliated Updates
Next Island Launch8 December 2010Next Island LaunchNext Island11.5.1
Next Island Content Release 08 Jun 20118 June 2011News missions, clothes and moreNext Island11.10.4
Next Island Update 14 Jun 201114 June 2011Next Island Update 14 Jun 2011Next Island11.10.5
Next Island Content Release 04 Oct 20114 October 2011Next Island Content Release 04 Oct 2011Next Island12.1
Next Island Content Release 13 March 201213 March 2012please enter short descriptionNext Island12.5.2
VU 16.4.0 Next Island24 May 2019VU 16.4.0 Next IslandNext Island16.4.0