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EntropiaPlanets Wiki Guide
Table of Contents
EntropiaPlanets Wiki Guide
  1. Using the wiki
  2. Basic Editing
  3. Playground
  4. Editing in detail
    1. Images
    2. Links
    3. Tables
    4. Lists
  5. EP Wiki specific
    1. Categories
    2. Extensions
    3. Templates
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Templates worth mentioning
Template Description How to use How it looks
These templates create links to the wiki pages of these outstanding locations
  • {{CP}}
  • {{CND}}
  • {{TI}}
Template:Task List,
These templates are used to put a task list on a page including tasks to improve the page. The template also adds the page to Category:Pages with tasks {{Template:Task List|
{{Task|This is an example task|Tass}}
{{Task|And another task|unassigned}}
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Task Owner
Task-Icon.gif This is an example task User-Icon.png Tass
Task-Icon.gif And another task unassigned
Other pages with tasks