EBN: Long Live the Desert Rangers

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EBN: Long Live the Desert Rangers

20 June 2006

Together with colonists from all over Calyspo, the Atrox Queen was found and destroyed by the Desert Rangers. Although heavy casualties were suffered, the hardy colonist band was upbeat as they peppered the beefy brute into oblivion. Paolo made a video of the hunt which is available here.

Mossemeez provided us with an on-the-scene report of the Queens demise, informing us that skinning the monster Queen gave very little hide, as her skin had been too badly damaged during the hunt. She did however manage to chew up a few brave colonists before her death, and gutting the creature later revealed several armor pieces including a rare female Shadow helmet. Several wallets were also found in the Queens stomach, with over 100 PEDs being recovered.

What was not found however, was the egg, and until we know for sure that the egg has been found and destroyed we cannot rest. The egg may be lying out there, incubating under Calypso's sun, getting ready to unleash a new breed of Atrox on Calypso.




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