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All things DeepToken.


Advisors removed

Several advisors serving as trust builders have been removed from the website during the token sale.

Behind the scenes deals

MindArk publically took a stance against non-transparent behind the scenes deals[1] but after the sale claimed to have successfully negotiated behind the scenes deals with several investors.


Airdrop Campaign

MindArk initially denied an airdrop campaign because "air-drops devalues the investments of those supporting MindArks vision".[2] Then in the last days of the sale MindArk announced and conducted an airdrop campaign.[3]


Strange 12 Million dollar last minute investments

The announced sale period ended with ~90000 tokens transfered which represent less than 0.1% of the token available in the sale. Without any announcement or comment the sale perid got extended. In the last minutes of the extended sale period obviously additional 12,000,000 tokens were transfered without the transaction(s) appearing in public records. On request MindArk confirmed that the tokens went to several investors following behind the scenes negotiations.

Links, references, contributors, categories

  1. Section on the official website
  2. FAQ on the official website

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