Crystalline Cavern

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UPDATE: As of June 2018 Crystalline Cavern has been removed from the game, the target practice mission is already done at Genesis Alpha Station and from there new players go directly to Calypso Gateway!

Planet Calypso beginners flow:

Crystalline Cavern

Crystalline Cavern thumb 200x144.jpg
Monria Beginner's Flow: Genesis > Crystalline Cavern > Calypso Gateway > Monria Hub

Crystalline Cavern

Crystalline Cavern is the first destination for new players of Planet Calypso (or Monria) after they leave Genesis and the one before Calypso Gateway.

It's a small area with just one mission for target practise.

Target Practice

Leaving Crystalline Cavern

Crystalline Cavern for old players

If you are a new player please ignore this section. Old players of Entropia Universe can enter the Crystalline Cavern this way:

  1. Go to Port Atlantis Marina
  2. Use the Televator at [61373, 75001, 104] to Calypso Gateway
  3. On Calypso Gateway don't do anything but using a flying vehicle to get to ~(69523, 66562, 250) (within the ocean)
  4. Enter Crystalline Cavern by walking into the 'purple haze'




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