Crystalline Cavern

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Planet Calypso beginners flow:

Crystalline Cavern

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Monria Beginner's Flow: Genesis > Crystalline Cavern > Calypso Gateway > Monria Hub

Crystalline Cavern

Crystalline Cavern is the first destination for new players of Planet Calypso (or Monria) after they leave Genesis and the one before Calypso Gateway.

It's a small area with just one mission for target practise.

Target Practice

Leaving Crystalline Cavern

Crystalline Cavern for old players

If you are a new player please ignore this section. Old players of Entropia Universe can enter the Crystalline Cavern this way:

  1. Go to Port Atlantis Marina
  2. Use the Televator at [61373, 75001, 104] to Calypso Gateway
  3. On Calypso Gateway don't do anything but using a flying vehicle to get to ~(69523, 66562, 250) (within the ocean)
  4. Enter Crystalline Cavern by walking into the 'purple haze'




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