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Stereo Jacker 01.png
Stereo Jacker 02.png
Stereo Jacker 03.png


Stereo Jackers get their reputation from entering a club and literally taking over the entire place. These legendary parties have necome

Name explanation

Maturities and stats

Maturity Health Regen. Speed Max. Damage Creature Level Taming Level Sweat Available Health level Damage potential Agility Intelligence Psyche Stamina Strength

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Item Frequency Last VU
Red CD Common 12.1.1
Animal Muscle Oil Common 12.1.1
Weapon Cells Common 12.1.1


Where to find this mob

Land Area Zone Quantity Maturity
ROCKtropia City of Dreams - Clone Frisky

Highest recorded loots

ID Value Date Maturity Avatar
01 0 - PED -

02 0 - PED -

03 0 - PED -

04 0 - PED -

05 0 - PED -