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Name: Creature name. This is a mandatory field.
Status: To specify whether this Creature is currently in game.
Profile Image: Enter the name including the file extension of an existing image (example:Beladoth.gif) or upload a new image. File: Upload file
Origin: Planet of origin or "Entropia Universe" for shared creatures.
Destination(s): Destinations on which this creature can be found.
Class: Creature class.
Stab: Percentage of Stab damage in an attack. %
Cut: Percentage of Cut damage in an attack. %
Impact: Percentage of Impact damage in an attack. %
Penetration: Percentage of Penetration damage in an attack. %
Shrapnel: Percentage of Shrapnel damage in an attack. %
Burn: Percentage of Burn damage in an attack. %
Cold: Percentage of Cold damage in an attack. %
Acid: Percentage of Acid damage in an attack. %
Electric: Percentage of Electric damage in an attack. %
Movement: Movement type.
Combat: Combat type.
Attacks: Number of attacks per minute. /minute
Range: Attack range. meter
Aggression: Aggression ratio.
Tamable: Whether or not this creature is tamable.
Sweatable: Whether or not this creature is sweatable.
Version Update: The VU this creature has been implemented.
Remarks: General Remarks.