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Area Guide[edit]

The Cathedral Area is an area on ROCKtropia. It hosts the VampireFreaks Cathedral owned by founder and owner.

Maps and locations[edit]

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Piran Basecamp TPVampireFreaks Cathedral TPVampireFreaks Cathedral Back Garden TPWhistlers Creek TPSebastians View TPAsanbosam Mountain Basecamp TPAsanbosam Mountain TPLow Land Salts TPPiran Peak TPLittle cavern at ~(125450, 87486, 765)Piran MountainCathedral Back Garden TombSebastians CavernEntropia Planets WikiPiran BridgeEvil Cathedral Land Area; Owner:jet codegeek vampirefreaks; Hunting: 4.20% Mining 4.20% Shopping: 2.50%Land AreaTeleporterMap IconsROCKtropiaCathedral Area Overview Map
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Asanbosam Mountain(129752, 86625, 686)ROCKtropiaCathedral AreaRemovedYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Asanbosam Mountain Basecamp(129995, 86268, 570)ROCKtropiaCathedral AreaRemovedNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Bloody Plains(128209, 87262, 234)ROCKtropiaCathedral AreaRemovedYesNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Low Land Salts (West)(127774, 84219, 301)ROCKtropiaCathedral AreaRemovedNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Piran Basecamp(124989, 86531, 462)ROCKtropiaCathedral AreaRemovedNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Piran Peak(124069, 86645, 879)ROCKtropiaCathedral AreaRemovedNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Sebastian's View(126259, 85476, 608)ROCKtropiaCathedral AreaRemovedNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
VampireFreaks Cathedral(126162, 86188, 126)ROCKtropiaCathedral AreaRemovedNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
VampireFreaks Cathedral Back Garden(125925, 86036, 118)ROCKtropiaCathedral AreaRemovedYesYesYesYesYesYesNo
Whistlers Creek(127430, 85705, 150)ROCKtropiaCathedral AreaRemovedNoNoNoNoNoNoNo
Total: 10


Mobs to be found in this area:


All mining data gathered by Max 49er Uberhoffer of ROCKtropian Pioneers Society.[1]

Mineral Ores

Raw Energy Matters

No data available yet.


References, Links[edit]

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