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Contributors CLD Revenues: {{#arrayprint:AUDContributors}}
Contributors AUD Revenues: {{#arrayprint:AUDContributors}}
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[[Category:Planet Arkadia]] [[Category:Arkadia Underground]]

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Arkadia Underground Deeds (AUD) just like Calypso Land Deeds (CLD) are similar to shares offered for sale to players of Entropia Universe.


Deeds owners will receive the revenues on their account in the PED Flow Center.

Revenues table

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DateArkadia Underground Total (PED)Revenue/Deed (PED)ROI (%, 1000 PED)MarkupROI (%, markup) 
30 August 20150.017.305
29 August 20150.017.305
15 January 20150.0214.61
14 January 20150.0214.61
13 January 20150.0214.61
12 January 20150.0214.61
11 January 20150.017.305
10 January 20150.0321.915
9 January 20150.0214.61
8 January 20150.0214.61
7 January 20150.0214.61
6 January 20150.0321.915
5 January 20150.0214.61
4 January 20150.0214.61
3 January 20150.0321.915
2 January 20150.0321.915
1 January 20150.017.305
31 December 20140.017.305
30 December 20140.017.305
29 December 20140.017.305
28 December 20140.0214.61
27 December 20140.017.305
26 December 20140.0214.61
25 December 20140.017.305
24 December 20140.017.305
23 December 20140.017.30544.458.22
22 December 20140044.450
21 December 20140.017.30544.458.22
20 December 20140.017.30544.458.22
19 December 20140.017.30544.168.27
18 December 20140.017.30544.168.27
17 December 20140.017.30544.168.27
16 December 20140.017.30544.168.27
15 December 20140.017.30544.168.27
14 December 20140.017.30544.168.27
13 December 20140.017.30544.168.27
11 December 20140.017.30544.168.27
10 December 20140.017.30544.168.27
9 December 20140.017.30544.168.27
8 December 20140.017.30544.168.27
7 December 20140.017.30544.168.27
5 December 20140.017.30544.168.27
3 December 20140.017.30544.168.27
1 December 20140.017.30544.168.27
29 November 20140.017.30544.168.27
26 November 20140.017.30544.168.27
25 November 20140.017.30544.168.27
23 November 20140.017.30544.168.27
22 November 20140.017.30544.168.27
21 November 20140.017.30544.168.27
19 November 20140.017.30544.168.27
17 November 20140.017.30544.168.27
15 November 20140.017.305
14 November 201400
13 November 20140.017.305
12 November 201400
11 November 20140.017.305
10 November 20140.017.305
9 November 201400
8 November 20140.017.305
7 November 201400
6 November 201400
5 November 20140.017.305
4 November 201400
3 November 20140.017.305
2 November 20140.017.305
1 November 201400
31 October 20140.017.305
30 October 201400
29 October 20140.017.305
28 October 201400
27 October 20140.017.305
26 October 201400
25 October 20140.017.305
24 October 20140.017.305
23 October 201400
22 October 201400
21 October 20140.017.305
20 October 201400
19 October 20140.017.305
18 October 20140.017.305
17 October 201400
16 October 20140.017.305
15 October 201400
14 October 20140.017.305
13 October 20140.017.305
12 October 201400
11 October 20140.017.305
10 October 201400
9 October 20140.017.305
8 October 201400
7 October 20140.017.305
6 October 20140.017.305
5 October 20140.017.305
4 October 201400
3 October 20140.017.305
2 October 201400
1 October 20140.017.305
30 September 20140.017.305
29 September 20140.0214.61
... further results

Revenue/Deed Total: 811.91618978533 PED
Average ROI 2014: 6.2091225 %
Average ROI Alltime: 7.2318015 %

Revenues charts

Revenues chart base 1000 PED per deed

This chart displays the weekly revenue in % based on the original offer of 1000 PED per deed.

No graph? Click: Refresh!
Revenues chart base market price

This chart displays the weekly revenue in % based on the approximate market price per deed in that week.

No graph? Click: Refresh!
Market price chart

This chart displays the approximate market price of 1 deed in PED.

No graph? Click: Refresh!


Official Arkadia Underground Deeds FAQ

Thread: http://www.entropiaplanets.com/threads/planet-arkadia-underground-deed-faq.11459/

Where is the Underground deed broker?

The underground deed broker is located in the underground land area on Arkadia close to the arrival Teleporter.(13479 21770)

How do I get to the underground?

You can travel to the underground using any Teleporter on Arkadia. On the top of the teleport map is a dropdown list showing your current location. Click on the dropdown list and select Arkadia Underground from the list and then select the underground Teleporter.

How do I buy Deeds from the broker?

In order to buy the Arkadia underground deeds you have to transfer the PEDs out of your PED card into your inventory before interacting with the broker.

When buying the deed from the broker a new window will open where the PED can be placed in to complete the transaction.

I clicked the broker and he has no deeds available, what do I do now?

The broker is being constantly resupplied with deeds in order to ensure a fair opportunity for multiple players to acquire a deed.

How do I deposit funds to my account?

Funds can be deposited using the EU Transfer Center. The EU transfer Center can be accessed using the dedicated button on the top of the HUD on default Keymaps. If your Keymap has been changed the EU Transfer Center can be accessed by right clicking on the ground or by accessing it from the Action Library (Default key "Y")

Official Press Release

Planet Arkadia is breaking new frontiers in online gaming​

Singapore - 3/26/2014 - Planet Arkadia today announced the offering of Arkadia Underground Deeds, which will make up the world's first $1,000,000 virtual property. Arkadia Underground gives all players a unique opportunity to participate in land investment within Entropia Universe allowing players to share in the revenues of Arkadia Underground and receive dividends on a daily basis.

This innovative new offering by Planet Arkadia enables players to participate in up to 200,000 deeds that have been priced at only 50 PED (or $5.00) per deed in direct response to player demand for more opportunities to invest at a lower entry price. The Real Cash Economy has been developed over a 10 year period providing a solid foundation for the virtual economy as all in-game currency 'PEDs' are transferable to US$ at a fixed rate of 10 PED for each dollar, unchanged for over 10 years. Importantly, participants are able to withdraw their earnings back to their real life bank accounts at any time.

"Arkadia Underground has been highly anticipated within our Arkadian and Entropia Universe communities, especially now we have the ability for every player to earn revenues with such a low barrier to entry." said David Dobson, CEO of Arkadia Studios. "Every player can now participate in Arkadia's vibrantly growing economy which has enjoyed a quadrupling of activity year on year now for 3 years. Where else can you make investments where you can also jump in to play for fun and be rewarded on so many levels?"

Planet Arkadia is an ever growing planetary economy within Entropia Universe. Players can expect state of the art graphics to provide them a virtual world where hunting, mining and crafting can combine in a vibrant real cash economy. "Players all across the universe have so far welcomed exploring the amazing visual effects inside the underground caverns. Arkadians are passionate about their resident planet and this innovative Arkadia Underground has added a new dimension to their playing experience" added David Dobson.

Entropia Universe is the world's largest Massively Multiplayer Online Real Cash Economy (MMORCE) game. Players have no monthly fees, but deposit and withdraw real funds to enjoy their adventures on any planet in the Entropia Universe. To download the free game please visit www.planetarkadia.com.

About Planet Arkadia Pte Ltd
Planet Arkadia Pte Ltd is an independent game developer based in Singapore and was founded in 2010 to bring the virtual world of Planet Arkadia to life within the Entropia Universe. Arkadia's mission is to bring the highest quality MMO gaming experience to Entropia Universe players and a rewarding yet social home for the growing reams of Arkadians. http://www.planetarkadia.com

About Entropia Universe AB
Entropia Universe is the largest Real Cash Economy Massively Multiplayer Online Game in the world. Entropia Universe offers players the ability to participate in a unique virtual world where they have no monthly costs. Its innovative real money economy uses a virtual currency which has a fixed exchange rate with the US dollar. This allows players to deposit and withdraw real funds for their adventures on any virtual planet or in the real world. Entropia Universe uses a state of the art graphics engine to deliver the highest quality visuals in an MMO today. For more information on Entropia Universe please contact us at the email below or go to our website at http://www.entropiauniverse.com.

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Contributors AUD Revenues: RAZER, Harmony, AE86takumi, Tass, Aziphirael

Contributors: Tass | RAZER